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How to get tickets

This year, the Odesa Film Festival introduced a new ticket system that will make your stay at the film festival more comfortable and allow you to plan your time with maximum benefit!

To buy tickets for the screenings and master classes, visit You will only need to enter your current e-mail, which is convenient for you and password.

After registration, your personal account will be created and all your ordered tickets will be saved there.

Please always use one e-mail address to enter your personal account at

If you are a badge owner, check your email and use the registration link in the ticket system to be able to order free tickets.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the festival`s Facebook page, or Ticket Office at the Festival Palace and the "Rodina" Festival Center (starting July 13).

Access to the screenings: You can buy tickets online at or at ticket offices near the Festival Palace and the Festival Center "Rodina".

All badge owners must order a free ticket for all screenings and master classes. The exception is open-air screenings or sessions with other access conditions specified in the schedule and printed program of the festival.

In the event that the tickets for the session are over, the owners of the badges can use Last Minute Access and in the order of the live queue in the presence of free space to enter the session. Entrance to the screenings is closing 10 minutes before the start.

Order and purchase tickets: After creating a personal account, each visitor to the festival will be able to get tickets if they are available.

  1. On the movie page, click "Get Ticket" on the selected session. Enter the e-mail and password in the pop-up window if you have not been logged in and receive a booked ticket. If they are available, ticket will be automatically added to your personal account.
  2. If tickets are over, the system will display this message. We recommend to check their availability from time to time, tickets may appear gradually.
  3. You can view the booked ticket in your personal office. Your PDF-copy will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when registering.
  4. Badge owners will not be able to order more than 1 free ticket per screening, the system will alert you. But you can buy additional tickets, if they are available. Both purchased and free tickets are stored in your personal account at
  5. If you want to present\buy ticket for someone, you can send a letter with a ticket PDF form. Please note: it is not possible to transfer a free ticket, it will be invalid without a festival badge!

Return of free booked tickets:

  1. You can return ordered free tickets in your personal account by clicking on "Return ticket" next to the PDF file. The PDF version of the ticket received by you will be automatically canceled.
  2. Pay attention! If you do not plan to visit a screening, but have booked a ticket, be sure to return it no later than 30 minutes before the session. In case of systematic violation of this rule, the festival reserves the right to restrict access to further booking of free tickets.
  3. Purchased tickets, if the screening took place, can not be returned.