Film Industry Office. Day 2 фото

Press meeting with the crews of "Rival" and "This rain will never stop" photo

Презентація україно-хорватського серіалу «Зломовчання» photo

MC Панельна дискусія: Співпраця продюсера та режисера в дебютному кіно photo

MC Маркетинг у кіно. Майстер-клас Поліни Толмачової photo

"Blindfold" (NCF) Screening and Q&A photo

Показ та Q&A фільму "Сторонній" (UGP) Screening and Q&A photo

Представлення та показ фільму "Молитва за гетьмана Мазепу" (SS) фото

Film Market. Day 1 photo

Film Industry Office. Day 1 photo

Презентація нової українсько-французької картини «ШТТЛ», нових проектів Kristi Films та Apple Tree Vision фото

Creative meeting with Yevhen Syvokin photo

Press meeting with Daniel Bruhl and Malte Grunert photo

Creative meeting with Daniel Bruhl and Malte Grunert photo

Premiere of the film "Next Door" (GP) photo

Press-meeting with the crew of "Kings of Rap" photo

"Oxygen starvation" (UR). Screening and Q&A photo

"Rival" (NCF). Screening and Q&A photo

"This Rain Will Never Stop" (UGP). Screening and Q&A photo

Opening press-conference photo

12th OIFF Red carpet photo

12th OIFF Grand Opening photo

Pale Royal. Afterparty photo


Red carpet part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

The president of the OIFF Vctoria Tihipko's opening speach

Yevhen Syvokon. Lifetime achievements

12th OIFF Opening. Atmosphere

Preparation atmosphere photo

Closing Ceremony of the 11th OIFF (video, photo) Backstage of the 11th OIFF Closing Ceremony (photo) 11th OIFF Closing party (photo)

Open-air performance at Potiomkin stairs (photo)

FIO Work in progress projects presentation (photo part 1, part 2)

FIO Digitalization in Ukrainian cinema industry (photo)

Film Industry Office Awarding ceremony (photo)

Q&A with creative teams. NCS (part 2) (photo)

Q&A with creative teams. NCS (part 3) (photo)

Master Class with Agnieszka Holland (photo)

FIO Pitching projects presentation (photo part 1, part 2)

FIO BookPitch projects presentation (photo)

Q&A "Temerari" and "From now on". NCS (video)

Q&A "We are still not dead" and "Goodbye Golovin". NCS (video)

Q&A "The Prophet and the Space aliens". EDC (video)

Q&A "Between the Frames". NCF (photo, video)

Q&A "Maternal". IC (video)

Q&A "Numbers". SS (photo, video)

Q&A "A voluntary year". IC (video)

FIO Make some NOISE – PR campaigns for films and festivals (photo)

FIO promoLAB effectively promote your film abroad (photo)

Q&A "A Family". NCF (фото, відео)

Q&A "Everything Will Not Be Fine". NCF (photo, video)

Q&A "Summerwar". EDC (video)

Q&A "À l'abordage!". IC (video)

Q&A "You will die at twenty". IC (video)

Master Class with Howard Shore (photo, video)

Film Industry Office: Cinema Backstage. "Creativity and mental stability" (photo)

Q&A "Demon". NCF (photo, video)

Q&A "My sweet home". NCF (photo, video)

Q&A "Servants". IC (video)

Q&A "Victor Robot". NCF (photo, video)

Q&A "Ursus. Caucasian Brown Bear". NCF (photo, video)

Master Class with Roman Balayan (photo, video)

Q&A "Invisible". IC (photo, video)

Q&A "Conductivity" and "I am the sun". EDC (video)

Q&A "Barefoot Emperor". OF (video, photo)

Master Class with Roy Andersson (video, photo)

Q&A "The Pageant". EDC (video)

Q&A "Atlantis". IC (video)

OIFF 2020 Opening Ceremony backstage (photo)

Presidet of the OIFF Viktoria Tigipko's speech (video)

General producer Julia Sinkevych's speech (video)

Roy Andersson. Lifetime achievement award (video)

Bedroom Music for OIFF 2020 Opening (video)

Opening Film "Barefoot Emperor", director's introduction (video)

OIFF 2020 press conference 20.08 (photo)