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The 9th Odesa International Film Festival (July 13-21, 2018) invites journalists and media representatives to participate.ACCREDITATION CONDITIONS

PRESS accreditation is provided only to representatives of official media outlets (registered print media, radio and television, informational and educational online resources, websites) to cover the events of the festival. Each media category has a maximum accreditation quota, which is

  • for TV channels – 3 people 
  • for print and online media – 2 people 
  • for radio stations – 1 person  

The need to obtain accreditations in the amount exceeding the quota for a particular publication must be justified and confirmed by an official letter from the project / publication manager. To apply for accreditation, you must signup, register and fill out an application form on the OIFF website. The press service of the OIFF reserves the right, upon considering the application, to request additional materials from the applicant, as well as to refuse accreditation without explanation. 

Depending on the deadline of the application, the PRESS accreditation is granted: 
  • April 10-June 15, 2018 – FREE OF CHARGE 
  • June 16-30, 2018 – 800 UAH 
  • July 1, 2018 – accreditation is closed 

The issuing of the PRESS accreditation implies automatic inclusion of the journalist’s e-mail address into the OIFF mailing list (news, press releases, information for accredited media). In order to comply with copyright, as well as for the convenience of viewers, photography and filming during festival screenings of competition and non-competition programs is prohibited. Photo and video materials for the films will be provided by the press service. The OIFF press office accepts applications for organizing exclusive interviews with all guests of the festival, but does not guarantee their realization. A journalist with a PRESS accreditation undertakes to provide copies of all materials about OIFF (.pdf, video, audio, links) by the deadline set by the press service. In case of failure to provide the materials, the journalist may be denied accreditation in the future. 


The festival provides two levels (I and II) of accreditation for the press. Level I provides the right to visit special events of the festival and priority access to some screenings. The level of accreditation is assigned by the press service on the basis of the history of the cooperation with the festival. The press service reserves the right to not explain its decision in individual cases. The level of accreditation is not subject to contention for the duration of one year. The confirmation letter on accreditation will indicate the level of accreditation of the journalist. 


Accreditation is valid throughout the festival (July 13-21) and entitles the media representative to visit: 
  •  Events for press in the press tent
  • Access to all shows (morning, afternoon and evening) according to the program at the FESTIVAL PALACE and the Festival Center "RODINA" -by the badge and a ticket, except evening shows of the International Competition Program for the holders of the PRESS II category badges. Please attend the morning shows of the International Competition. The availability of TICKET to ALL shows, irrespective of the time of the show, is mandatory (even if they start before 18:00). You may book a free ticket at any time convenient for you on the official site. or apply for help at INFO-POINT OIFF
  • The events of the Film Industry Office section (July 17-20) and the open events of the Film Market (the list of events will be announced later) 
  • Master classes and creative meetings with the guests of the festival (directors, actors, producers, etc.) 
  • Open-air screenings 
  • Daily parties at the OIFF Festival Club, where participants and guests of the film festival gather 

PRESS accreditation badge also gives the right to: 
  • be in the press zone at the info point of the press centre and on the Red Carpet during the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival 
  • use a free shuttle that runs between the locations of the film festival 
  • receive discounts and bonuses in restaurants and cafes of Odesa under the OIFF partnership program 

The accreditation badge is the property of the OIFF, is provided directly to the accredited media representative and is not transferable to other persons. In the event of the latter, the badge will be confiscated, and the accreditation will be canceled. If the accreditation badge is lost, it can be restored for a fee. The accreditation badge will be available at the accreditation desk from July 9, 2018. The festival accreditation service is located in the Vodianoy Odesa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy (Odesa, Panteleimonivska St., 3, from the service entrance, opposite “Spartak” stadium).

Applying for accreditation

Accreditation is closed from July, 1st.

To apply for accreditation, you need to Sign up or Log in if you have already registered on our site

Please contact the press service media coordinators with any inquiries:

Ukrainian media: Anna Burdina / +380504415033

Odesa media: Elena Lebedinskaya / 

International media: 

The accreditation badge will be available at the accreditation desk from July 9, 2018. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 9th Odesa International Film Festival, and we are sure that you will help OIFF-2018 become one of the biggest cultural events of the summer!


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