The official form of payment at the festival this year is cashless transfer. Cashless partners are TASKOMBANK and Mastercard in Ukraine.

  • Cash at the foodcourt (Festival Square)

  • Festival stor

  • OIFF bars (Festival Square, Pale-Royal, Zelda, Lou-Lou)

  • Ticket office (Festival Palace, Rodina)

*Cash is available only for tickets to movie shows at the ticket office

Advantages of CARD OIFF

Discount system at festival locations:

  • Discount at the foodcourt (Festival Square) - 10%

  • Discount for ticket purchases (Rodina center, Festival Palace) - 10%

  • Discount at partner restaurants - 10%

Locations where cashless system operates

  • Festival Square (Festival Palace) - exclusively cashless

  • Zelda Festival Bar - cash + cashless transactions

  • Festival Wine Bar Lou-Lou

  • Rodina Cinema - cash + cashless transactions

  • Green Theater - cash + cashless transactions

  • Pale-Royal at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (selling drinks) - exclusively cashless

How to get a CARD OIFF

  • When receiving a pass, the holders of all Festival passes will get a welcome pack with a card in the accreditation zone

  • When receiving passes or invitations to the Red carpet, the holders of VIP passes will get a welcome pack with a card

  • The guest of the festival, who does not hold the pass, will be able to take a card from promoters (at the Festival Square in the digital zone of TASKOMBANK), in the Festival Store for FREE

*It is not necessary to provide data or documents to the bank

How to activate / top up CARD OIFF

  • You can activate CARD OIFF immediately upon receipt:

  • In ATMs (located in the accreditation zone, on the Festival square)

  • Calling at 0 800 60 60 88 (free of charge within Ukraine)

  • In mobile app TAS2U (download free)

  • In the mobile app or on the OIFF website

  • In ATMs (located in the accreditation zone at the Festival Palace, on the Festival Square)

  • Bank promoter in the digital zone of TASKOMBANK at the Festival Square and Pale-Royal

  • In ATMs at ticket offices of festival locations (Festival Palace, Rodina Cinema, Green Theater)

*It is not necessary to provide data or documents to the bank, the card is identified by the number of any mobile operator of Ukraine

The CARD OIFF is a payment card and will be valid after the end of the film festival outside it.