Personal data agriment

Providing personal data, the Person agrees that his / her personal data can be collected, processed and transferred (in particular, to receive, enter into the database, add or other changes, destruction, or other actions, which "Ukrainian Film Festival" LLC can commit with the personal data in paper, electronic and other forms, including, but not limited by the following data : name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, passport data, ID number, data of electronic identification (phone number, e-mail), residence, and other data, which is made available voluntarily in order to ensure the performance of further actions (co-operation), and also for other purposes, which do not contradict the current legislation of The Person confirms his / her consent that his / her personal data can be processed and/or transferred to third parties if necessary.

The Parties agreed to protect the personal data from illegal proceedings and access, including the application of measures to prevent the disclosure of personal data in accordance with Ukrainian Laws in the field of personal data protection by the employees and / or other authorized persons of the Parties, which whom personal data became known in connection with the completion of the form.‚Äč