Participants of Work in progress 2019

  • Documentary
  • Ukraine, The Netherlands,
  • 70'
  • Release date: 2020
  • Director: Ihor Ivanko
  • Producer: Mariia Ponomarova, Alexandra Bratyshchenko

A young filmmaker finds a hidden and unpublished photo archive of his grandfather Leonid Burlaka, a famous Soviet DoP. Discovering the story behind damaged pictures, he gets closer to his dementing grandpa, facing the tension between memory and forgetting.

  • Drama
  • Ukraine, Switzerland, 104’
  • Release date: May 2020
  • Director: Daria Onyschenko
  • Producers: Ihor Savychenko, Dmytro Kozhema, Claudia Lehman

Andriy (17), places the Ukrainian flag on the school in Luhansk and gets to the police for it. Nina (30), a Ukrainian language teacher, is the only one, who tries to save the boy. Together they try to remind the rest of Ukraine, that people in the occupied regions also deserve tohave a future.

  • Fantastic drama
  • Ukraine, 80’
  • Release date: 2020
  • Director: Simon Mozgovyi
  • Producers: Oleksandr Chepiga, Artem Koliubaiev, Taras Bosak, Maksym Leschanka

The story is about young girl – a doctor who treats the old woman – flower-girl and a Healer, who survived after the nuclear explosion. Mysterious magic power did not permit for radioactive wave to hurt the old woman but completely erased her memory and personality. The girl helps her to regain her memory bit by bit and in the process of treatment it becomes clear that the burden of reminiscences can become unbearable for the old Healer...

  • Drama
  • Georgia, Bulgary, Russia (private financing), USA, Monaco, 98’
  • Release date: 2020
  • Director: Levan Koguashvili
  • Producers: Olena Yershova, Irakly Rodonaya, Michel Merkt, Mira Staleva

Кahi is man of honor and expects his son to live by the same code. In Brooklyn, Kahi meets people who help him and people who ignore him. Life in the movie Brighton 4is a mix of criminal drama and comedy.

  • Thriller
  • Ukraine, USA, Spain, 90’
  • Release date: Winter 2020
  • Director: Stanislav Kapralov
  • Producers: Serge Lavrenyuk, Yan Fisher, Stanislav Kapralov

Separated from her fiancé after sneaking onto a restricted slope, Mia, a free riding snowboarder, must survive not only against nature, but the masked snowmobile rider in black who's out for her blood.

  • Drama
  • Ukraine, 90’
  • Expected release date: September 2019
  • Director: Roman Balayan
  • Producer: Ivanna Diadiura

A knowledgeable surgeon makes a mistake in the diagnosis of his godson and a boy dies on his operating table .In a shocked state, Alex writes a resignation letter. In one autumn morning, sitting above the river on a favorite his and godson fishing place, Alex suddenly notices how a figure of a seminude girl with elegant contours of posture makes her way from a fog. She is trembling with a cold, when she appears on the shore, Alex spontaneously offers his help - and gets into an incredibly adventurous story.

  • Period Drama
  • Ukraine, 100’
  • Release date: 1st quarter 2020
  • Director: Christina Sivolap
  • Producer: Nadiia Zaionchkovska

The plot revolves around the controversial relationship between maid Stefania Chornenko and blueblood Adelia Anger against the backdrop of the provincial Austro-Hungary in 1900 .Both Stefania’s parents and Adelia’s mother died during the fire. Adelia’s father adopted neighbors’ orphan .Girls grew up together to become as close as sisters, though Stefania served as the maid. This attachment develops into love-trap: on one hand full of mutual manipulation and jealousy, but equally based on сare and devotion. The illusion of balance is broken when Adelia marries sculptor Petro. Everything gets even more complicated when Joseph, the old love interest of Stefa, returns to town as the priest and married man.

  • Psychological drama, Sport
  • Ukraine,
  • 100’
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Director: Taras Dron
  • Producer: Valeria Sochyvets

Julia, a young MMA fighter, lost her fiancé at the war .She quits sport and starts a new relationship to free herself from the role of the war hero's widow, which is imposed on her by the environment.

  • Drama
  • Georgia, 105’
  • Release date: 2019
  • Director: Konstantine Kalandadze
  • Producer: Elene Margvelashvili

A promising young musician is forced to reassess his life when he finds himself in the middle of a confrontation between drug dealers and corrupt cops in modern Georgia.

  • Drama
  • Armenia, Germany, 95’
  • Directors: Aren Malakyan, Vahagn Khachatryan
  • Producers: Vahagn Khachatryan, Eva Blondiau

Yerevan, Armenia An elevator conductor dreams of going to the cosmos. A homeless Stalinist dreams of travelling to Paris. A lonely farmer dreams of hiperfect wife. A young lesbian couple lives out their dreams through a revolution. Some dreams are an escape from life; others create a new reality.

  • Drama
  • Moldova, 75’
  • Release date: Autumn 2019
  • Director: Ioane Bobeica
  • Producers: Madan Marin, Sergiu Cumatrenco

Thunders is the story about forbidden friendship between Maria and Victor, 2 kids from Moldova. One day they are getting on a mined field near their village.

  • Documentary
  • Ukraine, USA, 150’
  • Release date: 2020
  • Director: Chad Gracia
  • Producer: Chad Gracia, Marina Orekhova

A look at Soviet sexuality through the life of Dr .Mikhael Stern, its first sexologist .Each stand-alone part of this dramatically unified triptych explores its subject with a different lens .In Part 1, Stern tells the story of sex from Revolution to Perestroika, with new archival material and interviews with Soviets — including gay octogenarians. Part 2 presents five stories of real people in moments of sexual crisis, imagined by Stern during his imprisonment and torture. It features strong performances by an all Ukrainian cast .Part 3 reflects on the erotic trauma facilitated by totalitarianism. It explores how the rape and violence Stern witnessed in prison may have transformed him into a monster, who was killed during one of his sexual attacks. Our journey ends in the borderlands of Russia, where Stern’s killer hides to this day, holding the key to comprehending the evil inherent in the Soviet eros.