Winners 2019

The winner of EastSeries 2019:

  • “Happy Nation”: Ukraine, Israel, script: Dmytro Hrypun (post-production services package from Star Media company in the amount of 20.000 Euro)

  • “The Gift”: Poland, script: Olga Chajdas, Marta Konarzewska ( a special award from Series Mania - a personal invitation to participate in the Series Mania Writers' Campus 2020)

The winner of EastSeries 2018:

  • Family Archives, dir. Kristijan Milic, writer Andamion Murataj, Marjan Alcevski, prod. Zvonimir Munivrana, Croatia

Award: post-production service package worth $20,000 and provided by Star Media.

  • Smokey Eyes, writer Piłacińska Małgorzata, Poland

A Special Award funded by Series Mania - a personal to participate in the 2019 Series Mania Writers‘ Campus that will be held in Lille (France) in March, 2019.

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