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EastSeries is a drama series competition organized by the Odesa International Film Festival and powered by ScripTeast, European master training programme for the best Eastern European Scriptwriters organized in partnership with Independent Film Foundation,  Star Media, the biggest international film company in Ukraine. 4 to 6 best drama series projects with international potential that have been created by the best writers of Eastern and Central European origin, and/or owned by the production companies registered in one of the Eastern and Central European countries, will be selected for participation in the Public Pitching.

The selection is based on three factors:

  • originality of drama series projects;
  • international potential of the project;
  • the writer(s)’s and/or showrunner(s)’s track records.

The selection is made by the Committee appointed by the Odesa International Film Festival, ScripTeast and Star Media. Award: postproduction service package in amount of 20 000 euros from Star Media company.

Applications are accepted from June, 23th until August 1st. The results of the selection will be announced on August 17th.
The Public Pitching presentations to the potentially interested TV-broadcasters, platform operators, distributors and co-producers will be held in the framework of the Film Industry Office September 29 - October 2.

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