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The Man Who Bought the Moon
L'uomo che comprò la luna / Чоловік, який купив Місяць / The Man Who Bought the Moon
  • 2018, 102'
  • Italy, Argentina, Albania
  • Director: Paolo Zucca
  • Producer: Amedeo Pagani, Nicola Giuliano, Daniel Burman, Genc Permeti
  • Script: Paolo Zucca, Barbara Alberti, Geppi Cucciari
  • Cast: Jacopo Cullin, Stefano Fresi, Francesco Pannofino, Benito Urgu, Lazar Ristovski
17 July, 10:00
A secret agent from Northern Italy must investigate a rather bizarre case: someone in Sardinia has taken possession of the Moon. Trained by a grumpy emigrant to behave like a real Sardinian man, he arrives on the island to investigate in disguise, but at the first bar, he gets drunk and reveals his identity. Beaten almost to death, he manages to escape and is saved by a fisherman, who will reveal the secret of the moon to him. To keep a romantic promise, he has acquired its property according to a legal process that is hinky but irrevocable.
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The Circus
Цирк / The Circus
  • 1928, 72'
  • USA
  • Director: Charlie Chaplin
17 July, 11:00
Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall
The Tramp comes to a carnival. There, a pickpocket plants him a stolen wallet to avoid the arrest. The Tramp is blamed for a steal, so he is trying to escape. In this attempt, he finds himself at the circus arena in the middle of a show. Trying to hide from a police officer, he disrupts the magicians performance but the audience likes this. The circus is having a tough time, so the owner hires the Tramp to work there.
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Between two waters
Entre dos aguas / Між двома водами / Between two waters
  • 2018, 137'
  • Spain
  • Director: Isaki Lacuesta
  • Producer: Isa Campo,Isaki Lacuesta, lex Lafuente, lvaro Alonso, Paco Poch
  • Script: Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo, Fran Arajo
  • Cast: Israel Gmez Romero, Francisco Jos Gmez Romero
17 July, 11:30
Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall
Isra and Cheito are two brothers, who have taken very different paths in life: one is released from prison and other comes home after a long tour with the Marines. Their reunion on the island of San Fernando will bring with it the memory of the violent death of their father. The need to get back on track with their lives will bring brothers together again.Golden Shell for Best Film at the 2018 San Sebastin International Film Festival
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Uncle and House
He qun lu / Шлях згоди / Uncle and House
  • 2018, 90'
  • China
  • Director: Luo Hanxing
  • Cast: Gao Zhen, He Kaidi, Zhang Ximing, Yang Yanhui, Sun Junzhe
17 July, 12:30
When Xiao Bang returns to China after studying abroad, he starts a debt collection business with two friends. Their methods are unconventional, a style somewhere between gangster, intellectual and hippie. Dong Rui, the classmate of Xiao Bangs 11-year-old brother Liu Dun, thinks he is dying. In exchange for 100 yuan, Dong Rui asks Xiao Bang to help him scare off his love rival. The 100-yuan note travels from hand-to-hand in the neighborhood, drawing a vivid portrait of the community.
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The Fifth Season
La cinquième saison / П’ята пора року / The Fifth Season
  • 2012, 93'
  • Belgium, Netherlands, France
  • Director: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
  • Producer: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth, Diana Elbaum, Sbastien Delloye, Joop van Wijk, J.B. Macrander, Philippe Avril
  • Script: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
  • Cast: Aurlia Poirier, Django Schrevens, Sam Louwyck, Gill Vancompernolle
17 July, 13:00
Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall
A mysterious calamity strikes: spring refuses to come. The cycle of nature is capsized. Alice and Thomas, two teenagers living in a Belgian village deep in the Ardennes forest, struggle to make sense of the world that is collapsing around them.Official Selection at the 2012 Venice Film Festival
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Never Look Away
Werk ohne Autor / Робота без авторства / Never Look Away
  • 2018, 188'
  • Germany
  • Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
  • Producer: Christiane Henckel von Donnersmarck, Max Wiedemann, Quirin Berg, Jan Mojto, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc
  • Script: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
  • Cast: Tom Schilling, Paula Beer, Sebastian Koch, Saskia Rosendahl, Oliver Masucci
17 July, 14:00
Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall
The story of a young art student, Kurt, who falls in love with fellow student, Ellie. Her father, Professor Seeband, a famous doctor, is dismayed at his daughters choice of boyfriend, and vows to destroy the relationship. What neither of them knows is that their lives are already connected through a terrible crime Seeband committed decades ago.Official Selection at the 2018 Venice Film Festival
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Ivan Shvedoff "Everything you always wanted to know about acting but were afraid to ask"
Іван Шведов: "Все, що ви хотіли дізнатися про актора, але соромилися запитати" / Ivan Shvedoff "Everything you always wanted to know about acting but were afraid to ask"
  • 90'
17 July, 14:30
Festival Center RODINA, Cosy Hall
Дылда / Дилда / Beanpole
  • 2019, 137'
  • Russia
  • Director: Kantemir Balagov
  • Producer: Oleksandr Rodnianskyi, Sergey Melkumov
  • Script: Kantemir Balagov, Alexander Terekhov
  • Cast: Viktoria Miroshnichenk, Vasilisa Perelygina, Andrey Bykov, Igor Shirokov, Konstantin Balakirev
17 July, 15:00
1945, Leningrad. World War II has devastated the city, demolishing its buildings and leaving its citizens in tatters, physically and mentally. Although the siege is finally over, life and death continue their battle in the wreckage that remains. Two young women, Iya and Masha, search for meaning and hope in the struggle to rebuild their lives amongst the ruins.Un Certain Regard Best Director Award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival
The Virtues
Чесноти / The Virtues
  • 2019, 92'
  • United Kingdom
  • Director: Shane Meadows, Jack Thorne
  • Producer: Mark Herbert, Nickie Sault
  • Script: Shane Meadows, Jack Thorne
  • Cast: Stephen Graham, Helen Behan, Frank Laverty, Mark OHalloran, Aisling Glenholmes
17 July, 15:30
Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall
Joseph uses alcohol to numb the pain and loneliness of an existence that is gradually eating away at him. He decides to confront the past he fled when he was still young. He discovers a loving home with his sister, whom he has not seen for 30 years, and establishes a deep spiritual relationship with his sister-in-law, a fiery young woman. When the dark secrets he has kept buried since childhood return to the surface, Joseph must choose revenge or forgiveness.
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My father is my mother's brother
Тато - мамин брат / My father is my mother's brother
  • 2018, 76'
  • Ukraine
  • Director: Vadym Ilkov
  • Producer: Valentyn Vasyanovych, Iya Myslytska, Maksym Vasyanovych
17 July, 17:30
Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall
In this touching family narrative, a bohemian singer and artist becomes a father to his five-year-old niece when his sisters mental health deteriorates. All of a sudden, he finds himself awkwardly balancing fairy tales and playtime with his rowdy nightlife and provocative art.
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Wartime Romance
Военно-полевой роман / Воєнно-польовий роман / Wartime Romance
  • 1983, 92'
  • USSR
  • Director: Petro Todorovskyi
  • Script: Petro Todorovskyi
  • Cast: Nikolai Burlyayev, Natalya Andrejchenko, Inna Churikova, Viktor Proskurin, Vsevolod Shilovskiy
17 July, 17:30
Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall
During the war, a young soldier Sasha Netuzhilin falls in love with a nurse Lyuba, who lives with his commander. They part quite fast just to meet a few years later. Now he is married, works as a motion picture operator, and studies history at the university. She sells doughnuts in the square. The protagonists relationship with the gruff street vendor and his sophisticated wife gradually transforms into a classic love triangle.Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 1984 Berlinale
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Sorry We Missed You
Вас не було на місці / Sorry We Missed You
  • 2019, 100'
  • United Kingdom, France, Belgium
  • Director: Ken Loach
  • Producer: Rebecca OBrien
  • Script: Paul Laverty
  • Cast: Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor, Ross Brewster
17 July, 17:30
Ricky and his family have been fighting an uphill struggle against debt since the 2008 financial crash. An opportunity to wrestle back some independence appears with a shiny new van and the chance to run a franchise as a self-employed delivery driver. It is hard work, and his wifes job as a carer is no easier. The family unit is strong but when both are pulled in different directions, everything comes to breaking point.Official Selection at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival
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And then we danced
А потім ми танцювали / And then we danced
  • 2019, 105'
  • Georgia, Sweden
  • Director: Levan Akin
  • Producer: Ketie Danelia, Mathilde Dedye
  • Script: Levan Akin
  • Cast: Bachi Valishvili, Ninutsa Gabisonia, Levan Gelbakhiani, Ana Javakhishvili, Kakha Gogidze, Giorgi Tsereteli
17 July, 18:30
The gender-conservative ancient Georgian dance scene is the setting for a story about Merab, a headstrong young dancer who desperately struggles to rise above the mediocrity and poverty surrounding him. Going through rigorous auditions, he dedicates his life to obtaining a place in the prestigious Georgian National Ensemble. The last-minute addition of Irakli in the dance troupe threatens to destroy everything Merab has fought so hard for. Irakli is everything Merab is not. He dances effortlessly with unwavering confidence. In Merabs desperate struggle to achieve greatness, he decides to break the codes and risk it all.
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The Trial
Process / Процес / The Trial
  • 2018, 127'
  • Netherlands
  • Director: Sergey Loznitsa
  • Producer: Sergey Loznitsa, Maria Choustova
17 July, 19:30
Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall
Moscow, USSR. 1930. The Pillar Hall of the State House of the Unions. A group of top rank economists and engineers is put on trial accused of plotting a coup detat against the Soviet government, aimed to destroy the Soviet power, restore capitalism, and break up the USSR. All charges are fabricated and the accused are forced to confess to the crimes they never committed. The court, presided by Andrey Vyshinsky, who later became known a key-figure in Stalinist show trials, delivers death verdicts.
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The Trial1
Придністров’я / Transnistra
  • 2019, 93'
  • Sweden, Denmark, Belgium
  • Director: Anna Eborn
  • Producer: David Herdies, Michael Krotkiewski
17 July, 19:30
Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall
Set in the self-proclaimed state of Transnistria, a group of teenagers plays hide and seek in an abandoned construction site. In stark contrast to their seemingly carefree existence, there is the shadow of the old communist society reminding them of the limits of their possibilities. While weaving a fragile narrative thread of a classic love story, the movie is carried forward by the youths in their belief in walking towards adulthood in their own way.
Вайнштейн / Untouchable
  • 2019, 98'
  • United Kingdom
  • Director: Ursula Macfarlane
  • Producer: Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn, Poppy Dixon
17 July, 19:30
The story of the meteoric rise and monstrous fall of movie titan Harvey Weinstein. It reveals how Weinstein acquired and deployed his formidable power over the course of decades. Former staffers, college friends, and reporters reflect upon the public perception of Weinstein as a visionary, while detailing his ruthless attempts to preserve his power as scandal threatened to engulf him.
The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
Кабінет доктора Калігарі / The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
  • 1920, 67'
  • Germany
  • Director: Robert Wiene
  • Producer: Rudolf Meinert, Erich Pommer
  • Script: Carl Mayer, Hans Janowitz
  • Cast: Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Friedrich Fehr, Lil Dagover, Hans Heinz von Twardowski
17 July, 21:30
Green Theatre
The mysterious Dr. Caligari arrives in a rural German village with his companion Cesare, a man in an eternal state of sleep who can be ordered to perform his masters commands. A series of gruesome murders leads some to believe that the doctor and his strange assistant may well be to blame.The film features a dark and striking visual style, with sharp-pointed forms, oblique and curving lines, structures and landscapes that lean and twist in unusual angles, and shadows and streaks of light painted directly onto the sets.
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