TV Channel "Ukraine"

Channel ‘Ukraine’ - one of the leading national television channels. By the end of 2013 ranked No. 2 among national TV channels, with a share of 11.11% and rating of 1.72% for the audience over 18 years old, the sample of cities with the population of ‘50 thousand +’.

Slogan of the TV channel Ukraine: ‘My country. My television’.

On air of the channel ‘Ukraine’ – the most important news and analytics that make us think, emotional and reality shows that entertain and inspire; exciting documentaries that will rock your understanding of the history of Ukrainians; bright world level movie premieres; gaming and comedy projects, and of course, football! Channel ‘Ukraine’ is actively developing its own production of the information and documentary projects, television programs, films and shows.

The total coverage of the TV channel ‘Ukraine’ on the basis of the year 2013 accounts for 97.2% of all households in Ukraine. Signal transmission is performed using analog transmission networks, cable networks, digital broadcasting network and through a T2 satellite. The number of potential viewers of the channel accounts for 41 million people over the age of 4. The production of the own television programs, films and shoes is being actively developed.

Over the past five years, the channel ‘Ukraine’ demonstrates the highest growth in the indicators of viewership among the top six national television channels.

Channel ‘Ukraine’ is the only national television channel to show a dramatic increase in viewership. During 2009-2013, the average share of viewership for the audience aged 18-54 has increased by 31%. This growth in performance confirms that every year channel ‘Ukraine’ is attracting more viewers that are the most interesting to advertisers.

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