Kärcher company was founded in 1935. Alfred Karcher was its founder - German engineer originally from Swabia, German. Even in his youth, graduated from Higher Technical School of Stuttgart, Alfred Karcher started to work in his father`s company, and soon turned it into a design office, which was producing heaters and manufactures equipment for kitchens and laundries.

Renewed after the Second World War the factory with 40 employees mainly produced heating system, but in 1950, after taking out a patent for Europe's first device for high-pressure cleaning with heated water ("Gadget for cleaning with hot water KW 350"), manufacture significantly extended and a completely new period in the history of the company began - the period of creation and adoption of new technologies in the field of purification.

So far as this area had quickly became a key for the company, in 1974 management decided to concentrate all production activities on cleaning with high pressure. At the same time the brand colour changed from blue to yellow. After 6 years the development strategy was adjusted, and company`s range enriched with different cleaning equipment for the professional and, since 1980, for domestic use. In 1984 the first domestic high-pressure gadget called HD 555 appeared.

In the 21st century Kärcher doesn`t need references, firmly fastened in the market as one of the best manufacturers which produces equipment for washing and cleaning and delivers products of exceptional quality. Kärcher`s devices are widely applicated and the range of products satisfies the most exigent customers - both in professional and domestic use. The main goal of Kärcher is the development and implementation optimal solutions for cleaning equipment that will save resources and time, reducing the costs for running the equipment.

Kärcher guarantees the safety of equipment for all its customers (if it was sold by an authorized dealer), as well as the best service in well equipped service centers with advanced staff.