Il Decameron Clubhouse Odessa

A place that speaks of Italian style, of values, of exclusivity, created to welcome women and men like a second home, harmoniously combining hospitality, work, meetings and relaxation in an exceptional setting. A new type of Clubhouse that maintains the sophisticated flavour of traditional member clubs, blending it with values of openness, sharing and collaboration. Imagine a place inhabited by like minded individuals, who share an unconventional, dynamic, interpersonal vision of doing business. Il Decameron Clubhouse Odessa is a multidisciplinary space, where experience and knowledge sharing are fostered via the creation of a climate of trust and an exceptional network of carefully selected international members.

A space where new ways of working not only produce individual growth, but impact society and transform it.

Il Decameron Clubhouse Odessa is part of the Copernico Where things Happen platform with over 5000 members internationally: Copernico’s mission is to create a platform of exceptional spaces across Europe to support the international business of its members.