The special event of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival is a unique performance of Vlad Troitsky on the Potemkin Stairs

The large open-air cinema shows on the Potemkin Stairs have already become one of the visit cards of Odesa International Film Festival. This year's festival celebrates the 10th anniversary and on this occasion arranges two simultaneous events in this unique location in the open air

The cult film The Cossacks (1928) produced by MGM will be shown on the Potemkin Stairs on July 13. And on July 19, viewers will watch Stairs to ..., a unique musical media performance-opera Vlad Troitsky This show is being created especially for the anniversary Odesa International Film Festival.

The musical media-performance will show the public the diversity of contemporary art styles, a new look at opera art combining modern trends in media art and video entertainment. Media artists who work in a variety of modern electronic music genres will unite with the opera in an attempt to reach new ways of creative collaboration in a non-standard mix of styles.

The show Stairs to ... is a play with concepts and feelings, today and tomorrow. Stairs to ... is the new opportunities, new horizons, new perspectives, to new stairs on a path of life. In other words, it is sky, sea, cinema, hope, courage. The main message of the art performance it is the courage to build tomorrow day.

"Creating a film is the creation of new worlds. The worlds that give us a sense of the present and at the same time, dreams of tomorrow", states Vlad Troitsky, the director of Stairs to ... show.

Potemkin Stairs has already become a Significant Location. They entered the myth of great cinema thanks to Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein. The silent film was shot in 1925. Sergei Eisenstein's film became the classic of world cinema.

Vlad Troitsky is a Ukrainian theatre actor, director and playwrighter. He is the founder of the first independent theatre in Ukraine, the founder and artistic director of the groups DakhaBrakha, the frick cabaret Dakh Daughters, TseSho puppet cabaret, the NOVA OPERA project. Vlad Troitsky is the founder and the president of the international multidisciplinary festival GOGOLFEST.

The participants of the stage show will be the musical formation NOVA OPERA, which creates new synthetic genres of the musical theatre. At the initiative of director Vlad Troitsky in 2014, the young artists have united for the sake of finding new ways of developing a modern theatre, creating new synthetic genres, experiments with atypical musical and stage solutions. In 2015, composers Roman Grygoriv and Illia Razumeyko joined the formation. In 2018, IYOV opera has been included in the Top 10 of the best contemporary operas and musical performances of the world.

TseSho is a social rave band, founded in 2017 by Vlad Troitsky. The participants of the team are actors, they combine music with the theatre, and the themes of creativity relate to social problems. During the performances, all five are dressed in identical overalls, and there are five dolls in the same clothes on the stage with them. Last year, along with the Center Stage program TseSho made a tour across the USA, during which they held 13 concerts. This year, TseSho band took part in the National Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song Hate, where they took the 4th place in the semifinal.

Composers Roman Grygoriv and Illya Razumeyko. Young, ambitious Ukrainian composers, who for a few years had burst into theatrical space with their own visions and feelings of music, stage, artist and spectator. Each of their subsequent works, made in collaboration with the leading theatre directors and musicians of the NOVA OPERA formation, goes beyond the limits of canons, rules and "correctness". Invincible participants in key musical events of contemporary art in Ukraine, founders and organizers of the festival Porto Franko, which combines almost all known directions of contemporary art.

BLCK BOX studio, the media artists. NEW MEDIA ART is a studio which runs the creation of modern media art in Ukraine and Europe, with stage design, light, interactive technologies and veejaying.

Dmytro Kostiuminsky acted as an art performance artist.

In addition, the synergy of these teams led to such productions as the unique grand opera ΝΕΡΌ, SRZ Mariupol 2019, opera-requiem IYOV 2017, opera-requiem Ark 2016, opera-circus BABYLON 2016. The premieres had great success on various world venues: New York Prototype Festival, Vienna Philharmonic, Macedonian Opera, Gdansk Shakespearean Theatre, large opera hall in Lublin and others.

Musical media performance-opera Stairs to ... will be shown on the Potemkin Stairs on July 19. Beginning at 9:30 pm.

Recall that the 10th anniversary Odesa International Film Festival will be held from July 12 to 20.