The official style of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival

The 10th Odesa International Film Festival presents its official style. This year, the conceptual style of the OIFF, which will take place on July 12-20, was developed by the graphic design studio “111room” in collaboration with Odesa photographer Oksana Kanivets

During the ten years of its existence, the Odesa Film Festival has firmly established the title of a grandiose nine-day event where people go to see high-quality cinema, live exciting experiences, enjoy the Odesa vibe and have an unforgettable vacation. The style of the jubilee film festival, that this year will take place from July 12 to July 20, is a kind of review of the ten years of the existence of OIFF, which combines its atmospheric location and the significance of the 10-year mark.

Those ten festivals are an important and significant period for us. In this year's style, we wanted to reflect that retrospection, a reflection on those extraordinary moments and emotions that the Odesa Film Festival has been giving the audience for 10 years. Traditionally, the main themes are the combination of the uniqueness of Odesa itself and great cinema, which is often born from small moments – life is indeed the best screenwriter. The style of the 10th OIFF is a collaboration between the “111room” agency, which took care of the realization of this year’s style, and Oksana Kanivets, a talented photographer who has been watching all stages of creating and organizing the Odesa Film Festival from its very first days,” says Julia Sinkevych, the General Producer of OIFF.

The conceptual style of the jubilee film festival was developed by the graphic design studio “111room”. Previously, the studio had worked on a series of posters for “Interschool”, the “Strila” brand, participated in GOGOLFEST in 2017, and a year later – at Book Arsenal, where in four days the artists from the studio painted a 30-meter wall. In their style, the illustrators combine tradition and experimentation. According to the artists, the posters for the 10th OIFF convey an emotional component, without which the festival wouldn’t exist.

These posters are emotional, simple and accessible,” said creators Ivan Dudchenko and Andriy Hetmanchuk. “We really wanted the festival to be attended by even more people: from babushka Zina, an Odesa local, to international film stars. At the same time, we could not bypass the emotional component of the festival. But how else would you approach it? Sea, cinema, patios and walks. In the poster, we used photos that depicted interesting angles and the vibe of the city where the OIFF takes place. In addition, in the process of working, it was decided to focus on the number 10, because it will be an anniversary film festival, which we have emphasized.”

Odesa, a city that has been generously hosting the festival, and each year confirming the title of the cinematic capital of Ukraine, is heavily featured in the style of the 10th OIFF. Thus, the number 10, which represents the anniversary of the festival, was harmoniously supplemented by photographs of Odesa made by photographer Oksana Kanivets.

I really love OIFF – for me, it’s 10 years of incredible summer months, it’s a team that became a family, it’s our common passion, which became a kind of addiction – the kind you don’t want to fight,” shares Oksana Kanivets. “I am very pleased that our efforts make the festival better, bigger and even more professional every year. You can look at Odesa in different ways, and for me it’s most interesting to look at it cinematically. You can simply document a place, or you can let the prism of the lens siphon the spirit and the feeling of the moment. In the photos from the poster I showed three states of Odesa: a relaxed, a contemplative, and a generous southern city.”

We remind you that the 10th Odesa Film Festival will be held from July 12 to July 20.