The EastSeries platform of the Odesa Film Festival was presented at SERIES MANIA, an international series festival

The professional section SERIES MANIA FORUM was held from March 25 to 27

On March 27, the EastSeries platform of the Odesa International Film Festival was presented in Lille, France as part of the professional section of the SERIES MANIA FORUM of the international festival of series SERIES MANIA. The presentation took place within the framework of the partnership between OIFF and SERIES MANIA. It was conducted by the general producer of the OIFF, Julia Sinkevich, and the Polish film director, member of the European Film Academy, and the president of ScripTeastDariusz Jablonski.

EastSeries is a television series competition organized by the OIFF in collaboration with the European program that prepares the best screenwriters in Eastern Europe ScripTeast from the Independent Film Foundation and with the support of Star Media, which provides the winner with a set of post-production services worth 20 000 euros. The winner also receives a place in Writers’ Campus in partnership with SERIES MANIA. Previously, the platform was called Odesa IFF ScripTeast Series Projects. The EastSeries competition includes Eastern and Central European projects, and the main goal of the platform is to present projects, the quantity and quality of which is growing every year. Last year, there were two winners at the Odesa Film Festival: “Family Archives” and “Smokey Eyes”. The latter received a special award from Series Mania – a personal invitation to participate in the Series Mania Writers’ Campus 2019.

At SERIES MANIA FORUM they noted: although the EastSeries platform is young, since it is only in its third year, but it is already making some progress. For example, the screenwriter for the Polish project “Smokey Eyes” was given the opportunity to participate in the SERIES MANIA script laboratory, undergo intensive training, and receive advice from international experts as the prize, - says general producer of the Odesa International Film Festival Julia Sinkevych. - The second significant achievement was the selection of the Ukrainian project produced by “Hide and Seek” to Cannes, which also participated in EastSeries. In a month, it will be presented at one of the most important exhibitions for MIPTV Cannes television. This is an important victory, because series from all over the world are being submitted there, and only 10 participants get selected.”

This year, the EastSeries presentation in Lille included, in particular, trailers for series from Eastern Europe, which had worldwide success: “Burning Bush” by Polish director Agnieszka Holland and the Czech “Wasteland” by Alice Nellis and Ivan Zacharias. “These trailers are a demonstration of the potential and growing demand for Eastern European television series. They show that Europe is not only a story from the past, but also a look into the future,” says Dariusz Jablonski.

SERIES MANIA FORUM is the professional section of industry panels of the SERIES MANIA festival. Founded in 2013, it has already become a significant platform for TV industry professionals, where projects in development or in production are discussed. Over the years of the section’s existence, many projects have been implemented, including “Stella Blomkvist”, “Keeping Faith” and “Tabula Rasa”. Many others are currently in production. The festival SERIES MANIA was created in 2010 by Laurence Herszberg in Paris, and then moved to the city of Lille. It is here that well-known showrunners, screenwriters, actors gather, and the best series in the world are being shown on the big screen. This year, Hollywood actress Uma Thurman was a guest of the festival.

EastSeries at the Odesa Film Festival starts accepting submissions on March 28 and will continue until the end of May.