Special Screenings of Odesa International Film Festival 2019 are films by Sergei Loznitsa, Vitalii Manskyi, Agnès Varda and the 10th OIFF panel of judges

In Special Screenings non-competitive program of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival will be shown films The Trial by Sergei Loznitsa, Varda by Agnès, by Agnès Varda, the legend of world cinema, Putin's Witnesses, directed by Vitaly Mansky, the judges of the competition programs of the current film festival will personally present their films as well

Sergei Loznitsa is a Ukrainian director of 20 documentaries and 4 feature films, which were awarded on the leading international film festivals. His film Donbass was acknowledged as the best film at the 15th International Film Festival in Spanish Seville, and in Un Certain Regard program of the Cannes Film Festival last year, the film won the award for Best Director.

At the 10th OIFF the audience will watch the film The Trial by Loznitsa. Events unfold in 1930, the Pillar Hall of Unions. A group of high-ranking officials among economists and engineers was summoned to court on suspicion of preparing a coup aimed at destroying Soviet power, restoring capitalism, and breaking the USSR. All accusations were fabricated, defendants are compelled to admit to crimes they had not committed. The court, headed by Andrey Vyshinsky, who will later become a key figure in Stalinist indicative processes, sentenced to death the accused.

Director Sergei Loznitsa will personally present his film at Odesa International Film Festival.

The film From Ukraine to Hollywood directed by Stanislav Suknenko will also be featured in the Special Screenings section. This film is the first study of the Ukrainian track in Hollywood. For years, various sources of information were born in Ukraine called Russian, but it's time to put points on and on who is who in Hollywood and to find out the success of talents from Ukraine. The story of the achievements of Ukrainians of the past is intertwined with the personal histories of those who light their stars on the Hollywood skyline today. Stanislav Sukenenko worked as a managing editor at Debut, the Ukrainian experimental youth creative association at Olexandr Dovzhenko Film Studio and editor-in-chief of 1+1 Studio.

In the Special Screenings section, viewers will watch the film Varda by Agnès. Whether before or outside of the camera, Agnès Varda is a narrator who avoids dramatic conventions and regulations. Together with several colleagues-travellers, she invites viewers to travel to their own world of non-traditional images. The professional photographer, installer and pioneer of New Wave, she is an institution in French cinema on her own, but at that, she resists any institutional thinking. Oscar-winning director, scriptwriter and producer has gone away this spring.

Bill Guttentag, an American director, two-time Oscar winner and one of the panel of judges of the European Documentary Competition will present Soundtrack for a Revolution at Odesa International Film Festival. At the heart of the plot is the history of the American movement for civil rights, which is narrated through the songs of freedom performed by the protesters in the struggle for justice and equality. Concert performances by Joss Stone, Wyclef Jean and The Roots, archives and interviews with activists, including Martin Luther King.

OIFF viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy the Loves of a Blonde by Miloš Forman, the most famous Czech filmmakers, who is gone away last year. According to the story - where sixteen women fall on one man, Andula has no chance of finding her love - until a sultry pianist arrives in their industrial town, which temporarily slows down her passion. After a night together, she packs a suitcase and goes to visit Prague, but upon arrival, she learns that there is nobody waiting for her there. At the 10th Odesa International Film Festival the Classic Cannes program will be presented in a new digital restoration copy, which was featured in the program at this year's Cannes Film Festival for the first time.

_The film took part in the Official Selection at the 1965 Venice Film Festival. __At Odesa Film Festival Loves of a Blonde will be presented by Karel Och, the judge of the International Competition and director of the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary._

Mania Akbari, the Iranian artist, director and a judge of the National Competition Program, will personally present her film A Moon for My Father at the festival. In the film, Mania Akbari together with the British sculptor Douglas White creates a soft alloy of the language, where the combination of cinema and sculpture explores the processes of physical and psychological destruction and restoration. After a series of cancer removal operations, the history of one's own body becomes a starting point for talking about how the bodies are traumatized, censored and politicized, but ultimately remain the centres of opportunities. The film won the New Vision Award at the CPH:DOX in 2019.

Another judge of the National Competition Program of the 10th OIFF is Joanna Kos-Krauze, the Polish scriptwriter, will personally present at the festival Birds are singing in Kigali, the film, jointly shot with her husband, Krzysztof Krause, a filmmaker. The basis of the film is the image of the psychological consequences of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which turns into a magic narrative, full of drama, but at the same time encouraging, about the meaning of life and the trauma of existence.

The Best Actress Award at the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

To the attention of the audience of the festival in the Special Screenings section will be presented the film Jimmy's Hall by Ken Loach. In 1921, Jimmy Gralton's mistake was to build a dance hall at the rural crossroads in Ireland on the eve of the Civil War. In the end, the church and politicians forced him to close it and leave the country. Ten years later, Jimmy returns from the United States to look after his mother and lead a steady life. However, he decides to open the hall again...

The film got to the Official Selection at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.At the 10th OIFF, the film will be featured by Barry Ward, the leading actor of the Jimmy's Hall and judge of the International Competition Program.

Putin's Witnesses directed by Vitaly Mansky can be viewed during the anniversary Odesa International Film Festival. The events in the film begin on December 31, 1999, when the Russian Federation learned about the new president. The film is based on the documentary evidence of Successor operation, which resulted in the country receiving a president who rules it to this day. The characters of the film are Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and the Russian people, who is always a silent witness to the decision of their fate.

Best Documentary Award at the 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.Vitaly Mansky, the director of the film will personally present his picture during Odesa International Film Festival.

The Golden Duke's winner, the Grand Prix of the 8th OIFF for the King of the Belgians, Peter Brosens, director, producer and chairman of the panel of judges of the International Competition Program of the 10th Film Festival, will personally present the film The Fifth Season jointly with Jessica Woodworth. According to the plot, something terrible is happening: the spring does not come. The natural cycle is broken. Alice and Thomas, two teenagers living in a Belgian village deep in the woods of the Ardennes, are struggling to understand the world that collapses around them.

Official Selection at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.

The Vice of Hope, the film by Edoardo De Angelis, the Italian director and scriptwriter got to the Special Screenings section. "If I have to die, I want to die in my own way". Mary's time flows through the water. She treads firmly, her hood is raised. Bad life without any dreams is to care for the mother and serve the merciless old spider. Together with the brave pit bull, Mary sends through the river pregnant women to true hell. But hope will come to her and it will teach Mary how to remain a human, this is the greatest transformation among all.

A film feature will be performed in partnership with HerForShe, the Global Solidarity Movement in Support of Gender Equality from UN Women.