Rose McGowan - a special guest of the jubilee Odesa International Film Festival 2019!

American actress, director and singer Rose McGowan will be a special guest of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival, which will be held on July 12-20, 2019

Multi-talented creative Rose McGowan is an author, director, music artist, entrepreneur and a major agent of cultural change. Her mission is to awaken and inspire humans to become brave in their own lives, and raise consciousness. Through powerful public speaking, Rose covers a wide range of subjects, which include empowerment, enlightenment and giving humans the tools to be ten percent better in their own lives.

Rose wrote her heart-centered, think-piece book BRAVE to “un-wire people’s minds.” This authentic autobiography takes a very raw look at the sheer enormity of challenges she was faced with from growing up in a cult to falling into acting in Hollywood. Rose McGowan became one of the first women to talk about sexual harassment in Hollywood leading to #MeToo Movement. Determined to expose the truth about the entertainment industry, dismantle the concept of fame, shine a light on a multibillion-dollar business built on systemic misogyny, and empower people everywhere to wake up and be BRAVE, Rose’s story of triumph over adversity moves readers. It quickly became a New York Times bestseller. Never one to be complacent, Rose rebelled against the image Hollywood tried to lock her into and asserted her true identity and voice. She reemerged unscripted, courageous, victorious, unabashed, and real AF.

Recently, Rose has received the DLD Impact award, been named one of Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year, and was honored with her own category of ‘Inspiration’ at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in London, in the Summer of 2018. Founder of the eponymous #RoseArmy, she has emerged as a powerful voice for the voiceless and an activist who simply wants us to become the brave humans we are all born to be.

And we remind you that 10th Odesa International Film Festival will be held on July 12-20, 2019. Festival Passes are available on the festival website.