OIFF Flashback: directors Darya Zhuk and Tonya Noyabryova to host Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live will be hosted within the special project of OIFF and Takflix

The Odesa International Film Festival and the VOD platform Takflix.com are launching a series of live video streams with directors of films presented in the programme of the OIFF Flashback special project. Belarusian director Darya Zhuk will become the guest of the first live stream, which will be hosted on June 5 at 7:00 pm (Kyiv time) on the OIFF Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/odesa_film_festival/ . Viewers will be able to ask their questions during live stream.

The conversation with the guest will be moderated by Ukrainian director Tonya Noyabryova, who is known for her comedy "Hero of My Time" that won her "Best Director" award in the National Competition of the 9th OIFF.

Belarusian filmmaker Darya Zhuk, who currently lives and works in the United States, caused a sensation at the Odesa International Film Festival in 2018. Her film "Crystal Swan" impressed the audience so much that it received the main award of the festival - the Grand Prix, determined by the viewers' voting.

The dramatic film "Crystal Swan" takes the audience back to the turbulent 90's, when people searched for a better life, preferably abroad. A young girl with colored hair, Velya, dreams of emigrating from Belarus to the United States, but is forced to move to a small factory town and turn its life upside down.

"Crystal Swan" is Darya's debut feature. She was born in Belarus and in many aspects the film is autobiographical. After graduating from school, Darya went to study in the United States. She has lived and worked there ever since. She received a degree in Economics at Harvard University and for some time worked as a financier on Wall Street. In 2004 she went to work for HBO as an economist and simultaneously produced documentaries. From 2010 to 2015 Darya studied Film Directing at Columbia University and during this time she received numerous production grants such as Panavision Emerging filmmaker’s grant (2012) and Columbia University Interdisciplinary Arts Council Grant (2012).

Darya is currently working on the project "Our Breasts Are Our Weapons: The History of the Femen Movement" about the origin and formation of the Femen social movement. And meanwhile you can watch her debut "Crystal Swan" within the special project OIFF Flashback at: https://oiff.takflix.com/films/crystal-swan.

OIFF Flashback is a joint project of the Odesa International Film Festival and the online platform Takflix.com. As part of a special project 10 films are available on the VoD platform http://oiff.takflix.com/. All of them were presented in the International Competition of the OIFF in different years. The project will run in Ukraine until 15 August. Viewers can watch all 10 films for a single ticket for UAH 375 or choose a single viewing of the selected film for UAH 60.