OIFF-2021: Creative meeting with Terry Gilliam

On August 21, as part of the 12th Odesa International Film Festival, a creative meeting took place with the famous British director Terry Gilliam — the author of the cult 12 monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil, and other outstanding films.

Usually, my movies combine tragedy and comedy. If I were shooting my new film in Ukraine, I would think that this is the perfect place on Earth, where comedy and tragedy suddenly combine.

I don't have a favorite movie among all the ones I've done. Just like there are no golden children among my children. But I can say that right now my favorite movie is the one I'm making. Or the one that was created recently.

I never "made a career". I was looking for a job that would bring me pleasure and some money, besides, I made movies.

Finding money for a movie is when you fool your producer, convincing him that your movie is worth a lot of effort to find other fools who will give money to implement this project.

Hollywood is a place where there is a lot of money. This is the reason for controlling everything that happens in Hollywood studios. After all, I do not like any control. I do not like it at all.

Working with actors is a very special thing for me. These must be people who will understand me very carefully, very quickly, very deeply. They don't need to talk much, and they will improvise so much that my film will unfold, flourish in a direction that I like. They will feel how to improve everything that already exists.

The most important thing in a movie performance is located inside the word "performance". Actors should be like children, not take seriously any events around. That's why tragedies in my movies have a touch of comedy, and vice versa.

And jokingly added: "I was at your Odessa "flea market", or Starokonka, but most of all I was surprised by cats, these kittens that are sold. I have a question, what do Odesans do when they buy these cats? Maybe they eat them? Because there are very, very many cats!

*With the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency