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OIFF 2020: Series! Section

Ukrainian historical drama, Danish crime comedy, Estonian spy thriller and Czech crime drama will be waiting for the audience at the 11th Odesa International Film Festival, which this year will be held online from 25 September till 3 October. Series! Section is formed in cooperation with series festival “Serial Killer” (Czech Republic) and Ukraine TV channel

Within the section "Series!" Ukrainian 12-episode series “Saga” by Dmytro Laktionov will be presented. The story shows the life of one family. It begins in 1914 and continues until now. Family members become witnesses and participants of important, tragic, joyful and significant events over the last 100 years in Ukraine. Sometimes, fate puts family members on the different sides of barricades. “Saga” is produced by the film company “Tri-Ya-Da Production” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine at the request of the Ukraine TV channel.

Pros and Cons” — Danish series directed by Thor Bjørn Krebs and Mikkel Serup about a completely ordinary couple balances between crime comedy and life TV drama. When they were young and in love, Nina and Erik lived adrenaline fueled lives as con artists with their partner in crime, Jacqueline. But when Nina became pregnant, the young couple withdrew from their criminal life and settled down in the suburbs of Copenhagen. In the midst of Erik and Nina's marital crisis, Jacqueline, who continued her life as a con artist, reappears and changes everything.

Czech crime series “Rats” reveals the backstage of the Czech-Vietnamese drug syndicate. Nobody wants to end up as a snitch for the DEA, but David didn’t have a choice. After cracking under the interrogation of Major Jan Blažek, spilling the secrets of the Czech-Vietnamese meth syndicate and betraying his best friend, becoming an informant might be his best chance to survive.

Estonian spy series “Traitor” starts in 2004 when Estonia was about to join NATO and the EU and became a top target for Russian intelligence. Greed and need for recognition leads the protagonist Alfred Vint to cooperate with Russian intelligence, and now the thrilling cat-and-mouse game begins with the determined young Estonian counterintelligence officer Marko Arrak.