OIFF-2020, Day 7: Pitching at the Film Industry Office and Master Class by Agnieszka Holland

The seventh day of the 11th Odesa International Film Festival began with the screenings of Adoration and Comrade Draculich from the International Competition, as well as the Q&As of their filming crews. In the evening, Dovzhenko Center hosted an offline screening of Serhiy Rakhmanin's film Man K from the Ukrainian Retrospective: Odesa Free Cinema.

At first, I've intended to make a film about vampires. Since I'm a fan of this genre, it's a big event for me. I wanted to combine the theme of vampirism with the communist past. Then we decided to add an element of spy movies. The mixture of all these genres and the cast helped me create this film," said Mark Bodszar, director of Comrade Draculich.

This is a story about the innocence and madness of love. It is not very happy, but it reveals the question of what a person can do without a clue about the meaning of love. This is a journey of growing up through the eyes of innocent people. The film may be cruel, but so is life," said Fabrice du Welz, director of Adoration.

Q&As with the authors of films from the second and third blocks of short films from the National Competition. Shorts also took place on October 1.

I know that our film is difficult for most audiences. Some viewers comment that they cried in the end. However, it is important to watch this film, because it can touch the soul of the viewer," said Maryna Nikolcheva, co-director of short film Glory to Mstyslav.

I was shooting a documentary about romani. During the filming I realized that they are very open people and I was very interested in making this film. In the process, we've realized that homophobia is very common among the Roma, which urged me to find characters for the film and tell about it," commented the director of Chachó Vitaliy Gavura.

I wanted to make a film inspired by the post-horror genre of classical cinema. It is an attempt to create something monumental and intimate. The idea of ​​the film is based on a real story, which has parallels in the present, because the feeling of intolerance is absorbed by every member of society," said Stanislav Bytiytskyi, director of Intolerance.

The audience also talked to Adam Remeyer, director of the film Dinner in America, which is presented in the International Competition.

It's a punk rock comedy. I have a strong impression that this is a timely story. Yet this film will remain relevant at any time time," said Adam Remyer, creator of Dinner in America.

October 1 was the third day of the professional section of the Film Industry Office of the 11th OIFF. It included the pitching of 13 full-length film projects, the Book Pitch, where 8 finalists' projects were presented, and two discussions.

The day ended with a master class by the famous Polish director Agnieszka Holland, whose new film Charlatan will close the 11th Odesa International Film Festival.

"I'm happy when I feel that the film touches the minds and hearts of the audience," said the director during her master class.