Day 8: Vlad Troitskyi's performance at the Potemkin Stairs and the first awards of the 10th OIFF

Final screenings of competition program films, the first awards, and a special event - Vlad Troitskyi's performance at the Potemkin Stairs

The closing ceremony of the 10th anniversary OIFF will be held tomorrow. Today, on the penultimate day, there were screenings of "Sasha Was Here", which is the last participant of the International Competition program, as well as the second part of the National Shorts Competition Program.

Also on July 19, at the Festival Center "Rodina", the Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) named the best films of the National Competition Program. The best feature film is "My Thoughts Are Silent" by young director Antonio Lukic, and the best short film is "In Our Synagogue" by Ivan Orlenko.

The International Competition Program ended with the film "Sasha Was Here". This social drama by director Ernestas Jankauskas unfolds the story of a childless couple who decides to adopt a child, and this decision will forever change the lives of three people. The film was presented at the OIFF by its director Ernestas Jankauskas and the main actors - Gabija Siurbyte, Valentin Novopolskij. "I have a positive view on life, so we made this film for discussion, because even in the most difficult situations, there is light at the end of the tunnel", said the director.

The final section of the Short Films Competition included the following films: "Int.Kitchen.Night" (directed by Arkasha Nepytaliuk), "Solitude" (directed by Yelizaveta Smith), "Christmas Stories" (directed by Valeriya Sochivets, Philip Sotnichenko) , "Adult" (directed by Zhanna Ozirna), and "Until It Turns Black" (directed by Anastasiya Falileyeva).

The film "Farewell to the Night" opened the retrospective of Catherine Deneuve. The actress personally presented the film. "In fact, I fell in love with this film. I really like the story, the plot. And I really like the character I play. This is a movie that has a fairly clear position. I think the film will be very relatable for women, because many of them can imagine a situation similar to the plot of the film, and put themselves into my character's shoes", she said.

Documentary "The Man's Room", directed by Peter Sommer and Jo Vemud Svendsen, closed the competition program of European documentaries. This is a Norwegian story about male friendship, compassion, and rock'n'roll. "Festival of the Festivals" program featured a poetic French drama "Portrait of a Lady On Fire" directed by Celine Sciamma. The world premiere of the film took place this year at the Cannes Film Festival, where it participated in the main competition program and received the Best Film Award and Queer Palm for the best LGBT film.

The "Rodina" Festival Center hosted the workshop by Polish director and scriptwriter Denijal Hasanović "A scene with full progression". _"There must be a conflict in every episode. Without this, you will not be able to move your story forward. But it can manifest itself in a variety of forms. In short episodes, you can show it with movement of the camera, ight, sounds, and the like. The main thing is to avoid monotony", _the director emphasized.

At the Ukrainian retrospective "Hollywood on the Black Sea Shore", there was a screening of "The Tuner" by legendary director Kira Muratova (Golden Lily for the Best Film at goEast 2005 international film festival). The "Special Screenings" section closed with film-research of the Ukrainian trail in Hollywood "From Ukraine to Hollywood" (directed by Stanislav Suknenko and Halyna Kuvivchak-Sakhno).

Within the Film Industry Office, there was a presentation of Ukrainian production projects and co-productions with Ukraine at the final stages of production "Work in Progress". There was also EastSeries competition for projects of Eastern and Central European TV series projects, and panel discussions on "Educational opportunities in the film industry: EAVE, Midpoint, SOFA selection" and "Global trends in creative industries". The best projects of EastSeries, Pitching, and Work in Progress were awarded at the gala ceremony.

The musical evening in the wine bar LOU LOU continued with sets by Denis Vnuk, coordinator of the OIFF musical program.

The final event of the penultimate day of the festival was the unique musical media performance-opera "Stairs To..." by Vlad Troitskyi, who created this show especially for the anniversary Odesa International Film Festival. The event took place on the Potemkin Stairs.

Please pay attention that, due to popularity of the event, the meeting with French actress Catherine Deneuve will be held at the Festival Palace, on July 20, 12.30 AM.