7th day of the OIFF: screening of the Cannes-2019 winner and opening of the Short Films Competition Program

Continuation of competition screenings, the opening of the National Short Film Competition Program, creative meetings with French director Sonia Kronlund and actress Ivanna Sakhno, and many other memorable events on the 7th day of the festival

The 10th anniversary OIFF is heading to its completion and has already entered the history of Ukraine's cinematic events, but there are still many cinematic days ahead. Today, within the International Competition, we presented two films: "Tel Aviv On Fire", co-produced by Luxembourg, France, Israel and Belgium, and British film "The Souvenir", featuring Tilda Swinton.

"Tel Aviv On Fire" (directed by Sameh Zoabi) is a comedy melodrama about a young Palestinian, Salam, who became a screenwriter for a popular TV series (Best Actor in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival, 2018). The performer of one of the main roles, actor Yaniv Biton, came to the festival to present the film. "Every time I read a script, I am very interested in the character's motivation. What I liked most about my character is that he just wanted to really impress his wife", the actor said.

The British film "The Souvenir" was also screened at the International Competition program was shown the English film "Souvenir" (directed by Joanna Hogg). The world premiere of the film took place at Sundance Film Festival 2019, where the film received the Grand Prix in the section "World Cinema". At the Odesa International Festival, the film was presented by the editor Helle Lefevre. "The plot is based on a real story that happened to the director, this is her real relationship. She wanted to show that mood, that era, those memories, the part of her life that she experienced. Much of the film is built on the smallest details. For example, the apartment is actually the apartment in which the director lived in the 80's, and the photographs used are the real photos from that time", she said.

Antonio Lukic's "My Thoughts Are Silent" were featured in the National Competition. This is the debut feature film that tells the story of Vadym, a young sound engineer. The silm received the Special Jury Award at Kalovy Vary 2019 in the section "East of the West". "In addition to the fact that there are many funny moments in the film, there is also a certain psychology. "My Thoughts Are Silent" is the film about unspoken words. We are very often quiet about what really bothers us, while talking about some trivial things", said the director Antonio Lukic.

At the Festival Center "Rodina", the National Short Films Competition Program opened. Young Ukrainian directors presented their works, including "Desaturated" (Maryna Stepanska), "Little One" (Dasha Turetska), "Fact (-Ura!) Changes" (Maryna Nikolcheva), "In Our Synagogue" (Ivan Orlenko), and "The Secret, a Girl and a Boy" (Oksana Kazmina).

The Competition program of European documentaries has screened two films: German "Hi, AI" directed by Isa Vilinger and Ukrainian "Heat Singers" by Nadiya Parfan. "At first, I wanted to create a film, the main character of which will be a team. But over time, all the attention switched to the leader of the trade union, whose personal drama reproduces the drama of the whole collective", said director Nadiya Parfan during the discussion of the film.

French documentary filmmaker, radio anchor, and member of the European Documentary Competition jury Sonia Kronlund delivered the lecture "Truth and Lies in Documentary Filmmaking" at the "Rodina" Festival Center. "It's important for the viewer to be captured by what he watched. And to achieve this, I have certain secrets and tools in my work", she said. Also, there was a creative meeting with Ivanna Sakhno (Ukrainian Hollywood, actress, member of the jury of the International Competition Program). "I was born in a family of filmmakers: my mother is a director, and my father is a cinematographer. They introduced me to real cinema. Since childhood, I have been observing how they communicate at the shootings sets, how they create projects. It inspired me", the actress shared.

The cinephiles stood in a long queue to the screening of the Cannes Film Festival 2019 winner - "Parasites" by Bong Joon-ho. The South Korean drama film is based on comic strips by Hitoshi Iwaki. In the "Festival of Festivals" section, director of "Ray & Liz" Richard Billingham personally presented his work (Special Award at the International Film Festival in Locarno in 2018 and the nomination "Great Debut of a British Writer, Director or Producer" at BAFTA 2019). The best film of the Horizons program at the Venice Film Festival 2018, "Manta Ray" by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, was screened at the "Rodina" Festival Center.

During the seventh day of the festival, there were also pitchings and conferences within the "Film Industry Office".The section "Ukrainian retrospective: Hollywood on the Black Sea Shore" continued with "The Formula of Rainbow" (1974, directed by Georgiy Yungvald-Hilkevich). The "Series!" program featured several episodes of the thriller "The Pleasure Principle" (directed by Dariusz Jablonski), which is a co-production between Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland.

In the Green Theatre, there was the premiere screening of "in Fabric" directed by Peter Strickland (Main Competition of the International Film Festival in San Sebastian, 2018).

In the evening, at Zelda Bar, there was vinyl music played Kool Deee, co-founder of the renowned Uzhhorod promotional group Chicarrones. At the wine bar LOU LOU, music lovers danced to the sets by Wielo-Roman.