The official artwork for the 9th Odesa Film Festival

The 9th Odesa International Film Festival (July 13-21) presents this year’s official artwork. For the 4th year in a row, the OIFF concept art was developed by BRATY Art Studio 

From the very moment of its creation, cinema has been combining almost all forms of art. Odesa International Festival has long stopped to be a purely cinematic event, because it combines not only cinema but also numerous art, educational and entertainment events. While gathering film aficionados not only from Ukraine but also from abroad, OIFF offers them an eventful festival program: the most exciting film premieres from all over the world, open-air screenings of classic films on the Potemkin Stairs, which transform into a grandiose cinema, the most anticipated premieres of national films, various art events, professional events and the funnest parties of the season. 

Combining various forms of art through cinema and uniting people around them – this was the idea embodied by the art-duo of twin brothers Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko, the founders of BRATY Art Studio, who became the creators of the official artwork for the 9th OIFF. 

This year’s film festival is special – for 9 years now has Odesa been immersing into a cinematic celebration that lasts for 9 days. The poster for OIFF-2018 is kind of an allusion to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” fresco. Michelangelo was trying to depict the incompatibility of the human and the divine, which is why the hands on the fresco do not touch. However, the hands in our artwork are tightly interwoven, united in the same way cinema unites all forms of art, and the way the film festival unites us all around itself”, said Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko

Twin brothers Vasyl and Ivan Kostenko founded the BRATY Art Studio brand in 2011. For the fourth year in a row they are the creators of the official poster for the Odesa Film Festival. The duo work with collage techniques, using photos, magazines clippings, watercolours and other components. 

We remind you that the Odesa Film Festival will be held on July 13-21.