Odesa International Film Festival team filmed in a celebratory video before its 10th anniversary

The anniversary 10th Odesa International Film Festival starts on July 12. The OIFF team filmed in celebratory videos specially for the anniversary, which were presented exactly the week before the opening ceremony

In 2010, the first Odesa International Film Festival was created by the efforts of only three dozen people. Many of them are still in the OIFF team, which during this period became almost ten times larger.

Tonya Noyabrova, director, the winner of the last year's Odesa International Film Festival showed in celebratory videos those, who usually remain behind the scenes, or rather, behind the scenes of the grand film festival.

"I remember how it all started, in 2010, already then our team realized that it was being created a unique event that will become an important cinematic event not only in Ukraine but also throughout Europe", said Victoria Tigipko, the President of Odesa International Film Festival. "Today OIFF is one of the largest viewing festivals in the Eastern Europe, with viewers, creative groups, film professionals and stars from all over the world coming to us". Such a large-scale film event can only be created by real professionals. It's nice that most of our team are the people, who have been working on OIFF for many years. This continuity and unanimity are an indicator of genuine commitment of each member of our team".

The video clip was shot by Family Production.

You can watch the celebratory video for the 10th anniversary of Odesa International Film Festival here.