Ivanna Sakhno: "Yes, I've entered the film industry due to my connections"

On July 18, there was a meeting with American actress of Ukrainian origin - Ivanna Sakhno, who is also a jury member of the International Competition Program of the 10th OIFF

"I was born in a filmmaking family: my mother is a director, and my father is a cinematographer. They introduced me to real cinema. Since childhood, I have been observing how they communicate on the shooting sets, how they create projects. It inspired me. I have many childhood memories about my dad arranging family film screenings at home."

"My first acting experience was a role in t he television series "Lesya + Roma". In fact, I just came to the set to watch. And they said to me: "Listen, why don't you play the niece?" They did not plan to do many scenes at all, but they kept adding and addingthem bit by bit. So, that's right, I've entered the film industry thanks to my connections". (laughs).

"My first manager sent me to an ordinary American school, so that I could understand the nature of my environment. I studied there while also doing my homework for a lyceum in Ukraine. A year later, I decided to go home to see relatives. And then the Revolution of Dignity just started. I stayed on EuroMaidan. The first two months after returning to Los Angeles, I still had hard feelings after those events".

"Casting is an art in itself. It took me a lot of time to figure out how to enter a small room and communicate with casting directors. The key to casting is to quickly understand what they want from you. After all, you have only one chance to perform a scene. It is important to understand that your team worked hard to get you into this room. We, the actors, are the faces of our agents".

"In order to find your agent you can go to castings with them. If there is no such opportunity, there are special sites. You need to register and you will see a list of films that are currently being filmed. Upload your recordings and photos, and apply for the films. In this way, I've got my first roles."

"The process of preparing for filming in "Pacific Rim: Uprising" lasted 3 months. At first it was physical training: I was going in for sports every day for 4 hours, 5 times a week. Already in Australia, where the filming took place, we started bonding with other actors. We had two hours a day, during which we sat down and discussed our heroes, invented their life stories before they met each other."

"Of course, I have many competitors. I'm 21 years old, I'm white-skinned, I have bright hair and blue eyes - everything is obvious here. But the most important thing is the way you see, feel, and play your characters. Because there will always be people who look like you, or are better or worse than you."

"I was 13 years old, and it was too late to quickly learn the American accent. In general, this is an endless process. You have the opportunity to play foreigners in the cinema, but the question is, whether you want to play only foreigners. My agents recently said that it is better not to communicate with my family in Ukrainian. I was not forced to do this, it was a tip. I will not become less of a Ukrainian because of this. It's just a period in my life."

"I want to be starring in Ukrainian films. We've recently finished filming with Ukrainian director Stas Karpalov. This is a co-production between Ukraine and America. The film is in English. So, yes, I'm interested in working with Ukrainian directors".