Final Day of Film Industry Office at 9th OIFF

The Work in Progress project presentation has become the day’s highlight, while the awards ceremony summed up the professional section

The fourth day of the Film Industry Office was marked by the Work in Progress session, where projects from Ukraine and co-produced with Ukraine that are at the final stages of production were presented.

The competition was moderated by Dr. Martin Blaney, correspondent of Screen International (Germany).

The international jury included Keiko Funato (co-CEO of Alpha Violet, France), Marcin Luczaj (acquisitions manager at New Europe Film Sales, Poland), Laurent Danielou (LOCO Films, France), Tiina Lokk (Director of the Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia), Heino Deckert (managing director at Filmproduktions GmbH, Germany), Geremia Biagotti (sales manager at TVCO, Italy) and Bankuti Zsuzsi (acquisitions at The Match Factory, Germany) and was presented with 11 film projects:

the historical drama “Anton” dir. Zaza Urushadze, prod. Volodymyr Filippov; the documentary film “The Earth is Blue as an Orange” dir. Iryna Tsilyk, prod. Anna Kapustina; the drama “Liza’s Story” dir. Zhovna Oleksandr, prod. Valeriy Kalmykov; the tragicomedy “My Thoughts are Silent” dir. Antonio Lukich, prod. Alla Belaya and Dmytro Sukhanov; the documentary road movie “Between Two Wars (Andriy Suleyman)” dir. Alina Gorlova, prod. Maksym Nakonechnyi, the drama “The Road” dir. Andy Iva, prod. Volodymyr Filippov and Alla Ovsyannikova; the documentary “Salt from Bonneville” dir. Semen Mozgovyi, prod. Taras Bosak, Artem Koliubaiev and Maksim Leschenko; the documentary musical comedy “18˚C” dir. Nadia Parfan, prod. Illia Gladshtein; the melodrama “Censor” dir. Peter Kerekes, prod. Ivan Ostrochovsky, Jiri Konecny and Denis Ivanov; the historical drama “Chervonyi. Without the Front Line” dir. Zaza Buadze, prod. Volodymyr Filippov; the family film “Foxter & Max” dir. Anatoly Mateshko, prod. Maxim Asadchy and Kateryna Kopylova.

The “Gareth Jones” project, dir. Agnieszka Holland, prod. Egor olesov, Claudia Smieja, Stanislaw Dziedzic and Angus Lamont was presented hors concours.

The projects were vying for two prizes. The first one included plane tickets worth 2000€ from the #1 airlines in Ukraine, Ukraine International Airlines, the Odesa International Festival’s official air carrier. The second prize was presented by WOG, the festival’s official fuel partner.

The presentations were followed by 1-on-1 meetings with Work in progress projects.

The day carried on with the panel discussion titled “New Financial Opportunities in Ukraine.” The panel included: Phillip Illenko, head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency; Pavlo Bilash, head of the Audiovisual Art Administration at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine; Yulia Fediv, executive director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation; Ksenia Kalyna, communications manager at Creative Europe Desk Ukraine; Iryna Prokofieva, manager Culture Bridges Program, British Council.

Phillip Illenko noted: “I believe we should be able to select projects by the end of the year. At the moment we have half a billion hryvnias on our hands, where 480 million are allocated to films that are either in production or about to be released.” Ksenia Kalyna presented the Creative Europe Foundation and remarked: “It is an EU grant program. We have had a confirmation this year that it will continue for another 7 years.” Iryna Prokofieva mentioned the financial capabilities of the Culture Bridges program and added: “If you haven’t applied for international support before, I would strongly recommend that you go to us. For instance, if you’re planning on applying with Creative Europe, our program will serve as a great training opportunity for you.”

The fourth day of the Film Industry Office also saw the Polish-Ukrainian co-production meeting organized with the support of the Polish Film Institute and the Open Poland Program.

Finally, the Industry Office Closed with the Awards Ceremony for the Pitching, Work in Progress and Odesa IFF ScriptEast Series projects. The Pitching section’s winner is “Inconvenient Memory” dir. Ihor Ivanko, prod. Ihor Ivanko, Mariia Ponomarova and Volodymyr Tykhyy. The Work in Progress section’s two winners are “Censor” dir. Peter Kerekes, prod. Ivan Ostrochovsky, Jiri Konecny and Denis Ivanov and “My Thoughts are Silent” dir. Antonio Lukich, prod. Alla Belaya and Dmytro Sukhanov. The winner of the Odesa IFF ScriptEast Series Projects is “Family Archives,” Croatia, script by Marjan Alcevski and Andamion Murataj. The “Smokey Eyes” project, Pland, script by Małgorzata Piłacińska received a special award from Series Mania, a personal invitation from Laurence Herszberg, the General director of the Series Mania Festival and the head of the Odesa IFF ScriptEast Series Projects, to participate in the 2019 Series Mania Writer’s Campus to be held in March in Lille, France.