The National Competition Programme of the 11th Odesa International Film Festival Has Been Announced

The National Competition Programme will include 7 full-length features and 11 short films

The National Competition Programme of the 11th Odesa International Film Festival, which will take place online from 25 September to 3 October 2020, includes 7 feature films:

  • Anatoliy Lavrenyshyn's animated fantasy film "Victor_Robot" is a story about friendship and adventures that take place in the distant future. An artificial star, which is supposed to provide energy to the planet around it, does not work. The only one who can fix it is little Victoria's grandfather, who created the star. But he mysteriously disappeared. Together with the robot assistant Victor, the girl goes in search of her grandfather.
  • "Ursus. Caucasian Brown Bear” tells the story of three losers - a Georgian film director, a Ukrainian stuntman and a Canadian wild animal rightist, daring to go on an incredibly dangerous journey in 1992 starting out from the capital of Georgia -with the Civil War in full swing - to Berlin. The co-production between Ukraine, Georgia, Germany and Bulgaria was directed by Otar Shamatava.
  • The documentary "Demon" directed by Egor Troyanovskyi investigates the abduction and alleged murder of a volunteer in 2014 in Donbass. His father, an elderly fisherman from southern Ukraine, follows the footsteps of the kidnappers, trying to find witnesses to the last minutes of the young soldier's life.
  • Serhiy Storozhev's feature film "My Sweet Home" is about a fight between the three children of the deceased mother. They cannot share the apartment which they spent their entire childhood in. The youngest Pasha is against the sale of the apartment, but his sister and brother are convinced otherwise. When siblings run out of arguments, they will start doing horrible, irreversible things.
  • Jayden Stevens' comedy drama "A Family", co-produced between Ukraine and Australia, tells the story of a man living in solitary and seeking emotional refuge in the organising and documenting of family moments using low-grade impersonators. When his fake sister becomes inspired to follow his method, their relationship struggles between the forged and genuine.
  • The documentary "Between the Frames" directed by Anastasiia Tykha is a story of exceptional relations between the actor Taras Denisenko and the students of his creative workshop.
  • Ukrainian-Romanian documentary by Adrian Pirvu and Helena Maksyom "Everything will not be fine" is a drama about the Chernobyl generation, which is trying to comprehend its place in the modern world. On 25 April 1986 a young Romanian girl, 6 months pregnant, went on a field trip to Ukraine. The next day, the 4th reactor of Europe's largest nuclear power plant exploded, and in late July, Adrian Pirvu, the son of the young Romanian, was born completely blind. Only as a result of fantastic maternal sacrifice and the efforts of doctors, the child's vision was partially restored.

The National Competition programme will also include 11 short films:

  • From now on, directed by Igor Stekolenko (Ukraine, 2020)
  • Goodbye Golovin, directed by Mathieu Grimard (Canada/Ukraine, 2019)
  • Intolerance, directed by Stanislav Bytiutskyi (Ukraine, 2020)
  • Two people, directed by Vladyslav Vitriv (Ukraine, 2020)
  • Oh!, directed by Olga Zolotariova (Ukraine, 2020)
  • We are still not dead, directed by Joanne Rakotoarisoa (Ukraine / France, 2020)
  • Daredevils, directed by Mykola Ridny (Ukraine/Italy/Germany, 2020)
  • Alpha, directed by Olena Rubashevska (Ukraine, 2020)
  • In the Shadows, directed by Oleksandr Stekolenko (Ukraine, 2020)
  • Chachó, directed by Vitalii Havura (Ukraine, 2020)
  • Glory to Mstyslav, directors Maryna Nikolcheva, Maksym Vasyanovych (Ukraine, 2020)