Odesa International Film Festival Unveils Official 2021 Poster

The poster was designed by artist Nikita Titov

The Odesa International Film Festival has unveiled its official poster for this year's 12th edition.

In August, together with the whole country the OIFF will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. This year the festival will take place in Odesa from 14 till 21 August and the national cinema will become its main focus. Therefore, this year's poster is based on the traditional Ukrainian symbols, which, combined with сinematography, becomes the evidence that national cinema is a significant part of Ukrainian cultural DNA.

Dziga Vertov, Serhiy Paradzhanov, Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Kira Muratova and many other film directors have imprinted themselves forever in the history of world cinema. Many talented filmmakers who made films in spite of everything in the 90s, the first victories in 2000, awards at major world film festivals over the past decade - all this is evidence that Ukrainians are an extremely cinematic people who value culture as part of identity and national consciousness. And since culture is the code of the nation, we are convinced that cinema is in our DNA!”, the OIFF Executive Director Anna Machukh says.

Vyshyvanka was chosen as the main theme of this year's festival poster. Vyshyvanka is not just Ukrainian national embroidered shirt, over the years it has become a fashionable statement around the globe. All elements of the poster are made with embroidery: the camera and VR-glasses as a symbol of the future of cinema, because, despite the turbulent times, cinema does not stop its movement towards innovation. The poster is complemented by the recognizable Duke's silhouette, without which it is difficult to imagine both Odesa and OIFF, as the statuette "Golden Duke" is the main award of the festival.

Cinema has always combined both classics and innovation. The Odesa International Film Festival annually demonstrates achievements of the classical and modern cinema, as well as actively supports the innovative future. This year we are focusing on national cinema and accumulating all these features in it. This is how an important part of the cultural DNA of the Ukrainian film audience is formed”, Viktoriya Tigipko, the President of the Odesa International Film Festival, comments.

Nikita Titov is the author of the poster for the 12th Odesa International Film Festival. He is one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian artists and illustrators, who deeply feels what it is like to be a Ukrainian. For several years now, Nikita Titov has been associated with the leading Ukrainian contemporary art. With his illustrations, which instantly spread through the Internet, he quickly responds to all major events taking place in the country and around the world. Art on important historical events in the country, Ukrainian history and language takes a separate place among his works.

Cinema, modern technologies, Odesa and Ukraine - I had the task to emphasize all these messages in one poster. I was asked to show their tight connection, traditions, make everything as recognizable as possible. That is why I turned to traditional Ukrainian motifs - embroidery. In my work I lean towards simplicity of images and I really hope that I succeeded in achieving that in this poster as well”, Nikita Titov says.

To download the poster of the 12th OIFF follow the link.

The 12th Odesa International Film Festival will take place offline from 14 to 21 August 2021. To purchase Festival Pass follow the link: https://oiff.com.ua/viewers/passes.html