CONFERENCE CINEMA: Backstage 2019. Special event by Film Industry office at Odesa International Film Festival

Special event Film Industry office — Cinema conference: Backstage will take place for the second year within OIFF. This year's topic for discussion will be co-production trends in the film industry. Speakers will be professionals and experts with world names. In particular, Senior Consultant International, Israel Film Fund - Katriel Schory, Franch producer Marianne Slot, Georgian producer Vladimer Katcharava, Executive Director of the Council of Europe Film Fund EURIMAGES Roberto Olla and others. Listening to expert opinions from film professionals will only be possible during the CINEMA conference within the OIFF on July 17. The organizers aim to ensure that all topical issues under debate in the international film industry are clearly understood and strategically echoed in Ukraine and beyond, in Eastern Partnership countries.

The topic of Cinema: Backstage 2019 is: WHY Coproductions – pure financing or cultural enhancement?

Discussions of this year’s Cinema: Backstage will be focused at co-production. Invited experts and professionals will review the importance of joint film production strategies in international collaboration context within audio-visual sector. Participants of the conference will get to know about basic european and world politics considering this field.


3:00 pm-3:15 pm

Welcoming Words by Viktoriya Tigipko, President of OIFF / Introduction to the Conference by Julia Sinkevich and Tamara Tatishvili

3:15 pm-4:55 pm

Part 1

During the first part of the conference its author and moderator Tamara Tatishvili (Representative of EWA - European Women Audiovisual network) will highlight core mission of co-production strategies in Europe, identify current trends and policy missions of national funds supporting coproductions & their wider cultural impact.

Experts invited for Part 1

Roberto Olla, Executive Director of the Council of Europe Film Fund EURIMAGES Katriel Schory, Senior Consultant International, Israel Film Fund Kirsten Niehuus, Managing Director, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany Karin Schockweiler, Deputy Director, Film Fund Luxembourg Philip Ilienko, Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency Alex Tralia, Policy advisor EU affairs & foreign relations, Romanian Film Center

5:00 pm-5:30 pm - Coffee break

5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Part 2

At its second part conference will turn into a space open for critical thinking and feedback. Aiming at better distilling what cooperation in a form of co-producing actually means in reality, why it is needed; what does it “cost” to co-produce and where does Ukraine stand with this regard.

Experts invited for Part 2

Cedomir Kolar, ASAP Films, France Vladimer Katcharava, 20 Steps Production, Georgia Marianne Slot, Slot Machine, France David Herdies, Momento Film, Sweden Denis Ivanov, Arthouse Traffic, Ukraine Rebecca Garrido, Manderley Films, Germany Anamaria Antoci, Tangaj Production, Romania Vladimir Yatsenko, Limelite, Ukraine

Cinema: Backstage is fully convergent event of Film Industry section (July, 16 - 19) focused on important contemporary topics that are vital to filmmakers all over the world and which are important to policy makers and which aim to improve the film ecosystem. Cinema: Backstage conference idea is to tap deep into the understanding of a globally significant film area; analyze its relevance in relation to the Ukrainian industry and identify alignments and/or critical standpoints of these two contexts.

Venue — main location of Film Industry office — Londonskaya’ hotel (11, Prymorsky blvd.)