Catherine Deneuve: "We can not be sure that we will succeed, so we should like the direction we move in"

On July 20, there was a meeting with the honorary guest of the anniversary OIFF - French actress Catherine Deneuve. Throughout the festival, guests were able to see a mini-retrospective of the three most famous films starring Catherine Deneuve. At the closing ceremony of the 10th OIFF, the actress received the main award of the festival - the Golden Duke for her contribution into cinema"

"My childhood was quite ordinary. My mother met my father when she was very young. Later, she quit work, because there were 4 daughters in the family. I've spent my childhood with my sisters. I can not say that something at the time influenced my decision to become an actress." "Frankly, I got into the cinema accidentally. My sister was an actress and once invited me to come to the casting for a film in which she wanted to be part of. So it all started. Subsequently, I met Jacques Demy and starred in "Sherbourg Umbrellas". Before that, I was not sure whether I wanted to stay in this profession".

"When I receive an offer to play in a film, I pay more attention to the story and screenplay than to the role itself. If the plot seems interesting to me, I can agree on a minor role".

"I do not work on the role by myself. We usually do this with the director. I do not spend much time practicing or rehearsing before shooting, and I often re-read the script during the filming. Of course, when you work on a role, you give a lot of your features to the character. It seems to me that it is very important to be your character, instead of pretending."

"I find it hard to say how my career changed after filming in "The Last Metro", but this film appeared exactly at the right moment. Francois Truffaut wrote this role for me. He instantly thought of the character as a woman with commitment. Of course, the script was beautiful and the movie was expected to succeed. My subsequent roles were all defined by this one".

"My experience with director Hirokazu Kore-eda was unique. I still haven't seen the film myself. The director knows no other languages than Japanese. So, it was necessary to translate every little phrase. It was a truly unique experience when you constantly try to understand something non-verbally." "I would not be able to make a list of the best films I played in. I have a slightly different attachment to them than the viewers. Some films meant a lot to me, but they did not succeed commercially".

"Outside of the filming process, I have a very simple and natural lifestyle. I meet with friends or read newspapers, because there's usually no time for this. I can walk around my neighborhood. I live there for a long time, so there's no problem with this. Sometimes I also visit a nearby cinema or go to the market".

"My curiosity is the driving force of my life. I am interested in everything around me: living creatures, nature. I'm really very curious, and I think this was crucial for various decisions throughout my life".

"The only thing I can advise young actors is to rely on their feelings and trust their taste. Be persistent, because more and more people nowadays want to be cinema or theater professionals. We can not be sure that we will succeed, so we should like the direction we move in".