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5 most expensive companies in the world are in tech: discussing investments into technology at iClub Meetup

Within the framework of the business program of the 9th Odesa Film Festival, a private meeting of participants of the first private investor club iClub took place in Ukraine. The speakers shared the projects they advise to invest into in order to increase capital

On July 20, the participants of the iClub investment club met in Odesa to hold a traditional meetup and learn more about the Ukrainian and global venture capital market. This time the focus was put on investments into tech projects. And that is no accident: technology has conquered our world.

One of the facts confirming this trend is that in 2018, only the tech giants – Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent – ended up in the top 5 of the largest public companies in terms of capitalization. For comparison, in 2006, only one tech company was in the top 5 of world business leaders. This was stated in the presentation “Global Technological Trends – 2018” by the managing partner of the venture fund “TA Ventures” Viktoriya Tigipko.

It is noteworthy that 4 companies out of today’s 5 world giants – Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft – are leaders in R&D investments among tech companies.

“We can safely say that investing in the development of innovative start-ups is the way to business prosperity, and for the investor – the possibility of exponential enrichment. The investor into tech today is the leader of the global market tomorrow,” said Viktoriya Tigipko, Managing Partner of “TA Ventures”.

The representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development presented a program to support businesses under the EU4Business initiative. Talking about the program was the EBRD Managing Director in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Francis Malizh.

The managing partner of the law firm EVRIS, the legal partner of iClub, Igor Kravtsov, and the owner of the investment company Freedom Finance Corp Timur Turlov also presented their recommendations for Ukrainian businesses and investors.

The speakers paid special attention to the topic which raises keen interest from the founders of start-ups and investors – the emergence of Ukrainian start-ups with a capital of one billion dollars, or, as they are otherwise called, unicorns. The same issue was raised at the panel discussion with the participation of Genesis CEO Vladimir Mnogoletniy and the vice-president of Readdle Denis Zhadanov.

“To become a Ukrainian Unicorn, you need to study the global market and trends in the industry. You need to focus on creating a useful product for hundreds of millions of people – only then you’ll have the chance to compete on the global market. Not every team is able to independently analyze the processes and identify the relevant tech trends. Therefore, it is important to consult with competent experts: to work actively with investors and advisers, attend events on investment. iClub is one example. This is an excellent initiative that gathers ambitious and driven people under one roof. At the event, you can exchange ideas and even start partnerships,” says Readdle Vice President Denis Zhadanov.

The closed meeting was held on July 20 in Odesa in the conference hall of the hotel Il Decameron Clubhouse Odessa. A special star guest there was the legendary actress Jacqueline Bisset. Organizing the event were the team of OIFF and “TA Ventures”. After the official part, the guests enjoyed a party in the style of “Decameron” by Boccaccio from Il Decameron Clubhouse Odessa.

iClub meetings are held twice a year: in Odesa and in Kyiv. You can follow the schedule on the club’s official website (in the “News” section) and on the “TA Ventures” Facebook page.