Festival club


Every day from 22:00 Festival bars Lou Lou and Zelda invite festival guests for a pleasant atmosphere and friendly conversation.

Special offers from Ararat and Mactercard. Enjoy charity cocktail for the benefit of Tabletochki charity fund and help children in Ukraine fight cancer.

Entrance by accreditation badges.

LOU LOU Official wine bar (6 Kateryninska Str.)

12.07 Zhenya Sugak

Zhenya Sugak is a DJ, director of the YUKO band and a resident of the gang of the Masterskaya House of Culture. She plays, dances, sings in her soul and in the shower. Once, her love for music and surfing was embodied in a fiery party in one of the best bars on the Canary Islands. And this night, Zhenia will impress you with her vibrant selection and her rambunctious laughter.

13.07 Dubdelight

DJ and music producer, adventurer. He has been behind the turntables for 12 years, in which he has travelled all around the country. In 2018 he debuted in one of the best DJ bars in New York, TBA Brooklyn. In Dubdelight’s mixes, you can often hear a non-trivial combination of seemingly incompatible styles. But it is on the boundary between genres that new and interesting things are born!

14.07 DJ Enfant terrible

Nastia has an inventive, subtle and quite broad musical taste and knowledge. She was a resident of Kultura Zvuka parties, Yama and the Plan B festival. The most suitable English word to describe her would be “a sorceress.” But we know her as an absolute L’enfant terrible.

15.07 A short break to relax and get ready for the upcoming OIFF hot parties!

16.07 D1

Ivan Alekseev is a promoter and DJ, music lover and record collector. He organized his first party 20 years ago, and that is where he also debuted as a DJ. He loves music in all its manifestations and believes that any creativity has the right to exist. Based on these considerations, he builds his sets of compositions from various music genres which seem incompatible at first.

17.07 Serge Yamroz

Serge Yamroz doesn’t like to call himself a DJ, but humbly prefers to stick to the term “music lover.” Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent him from bringing together dozens of fans every time to hear his performances. He stands behind the mixer at most once a month, so his playlist is always unique and perfectly coordinated. A mix of funk-hop and soul, to feel the uniqueness of the moment.

18.07 Wieloroman

In the tune coming from under Roman Pivnenko’s hands, there is truth and music. His path as a selector and a DJ went through the underground sound and aesthetically complex music, avoiding primitive trendy forms. He loves vinyl, because he needs to consciously pay attention, understand and listen, in order to feel what the stranger’s soul seeks and to confidently invite them aboard.

19.07 Denis Vnuk

The sets of the OIFF’s music program coordinator are always something special. His many years of experience in organizing and performing at parties and festivals allow Denys to look at dance music without leaning on any stylistic, temporal or geographical frameworks or trends. Except for probably the only mandatory condition: if we should dance, it must always be with ease, with a soul, and as if it’s the last time in our lives.

20.07 Daria Kolomiec

Daria is the musical journalist, selector and DJ. For years she has been discovering music all over the world at concerts and music festivals. At some point she started to travel to bring this music home. That is why in her set you will hear African beats, Latin sounds and dance vibes from all over the globe – a perfect mixture for OIFF Closing Party!

ZELDA BAR Official cocktail bar (26 Lanzheronivska Str.)

12.07 MUSIQUE DE CINÉMA: Andrew & Nastya Pokaz

Andriy Pokaz is a musician from Odesa, recognized by connoisseurs of classical, jazz and new wave scene. His collective, the Pokaz Trio, has just presented its debut album and shook the Leopolis Jazz Fest. For a chamber performance at our party, Andriy will be joined by his wife, a singer and producer Anastasia Pokaz. It will be a music narrative about love for the cinema, without which there is no life.

13.07 Artem Cherednik

14.07 Sasha Zhylyayev

Sasha does not consider himself a DJ, he only collects records and sometimes takes them out to bars. However, it doesn’t prevent several hundreds of people to come to his Sunday parties in Dnipro, titled Rick and Mooorty, to dance with their bodies and minds, welcome the sunset and say goodbye to the passing week. The same atmosphere is predicted on this day in Odesa — Sunday evening, light music and cocktails.

15.07 A short break to relax and get ready for the upcoming OIFF hot parties!

16.07 Lena Lebedinskaya

Exciting funk, thoughtful Jazz, delicate electronics, romantic covers, and musical surprises with a cinematic mood are a real gift from Lena Lebedynska, an indispensable member of the OIFF team, the media coordinator of our press office, and part-time appreciator of vinyl emotions. The evening will be special, no doubt.

17.07 Ksenia Palfy

Ksenia justifiably belongs to the group of DJs whose taste you can always trust. In her mixes, she pays attention to original and vintage sound. Her selections sound equally organically and persuasively both at big clubs and at small events, and famous brands gladly invite her to create the right atmosphere at their parties and presentations.

18.07 Kool Deee

A fighting unit and a co-founder of the cult Uzhgorod promo band Chicarrones Shator. The author and host of the programmes Kto Kogo, Fayni Funky and B-Side at Radio Yeden. He produced several dozen mashups, remixes and other bootlegs. Funk soul brother, hip hop flavor, el rhythmo Cubano and disco fever — all these phrases can be found in his music, not just vinyl, collection not once and not twice.

19.07 Tanya Amirova

20.07 DJ Blush