Festival club



This name is familiar to true lovers of disco-house music. He played all over Ukraine, highlighted the Z-Games festival and even performed as the opening act for the international rap stars from ONYX. So wait up for the BNRTM exclusive set at OIFF!


The Room party

The party will be hosted by Rafael Cerato, a French DJ and musician, well-known by the Ukrainian party-goers. The world is anticipating to see him perform, and on July 14th he will have a special set for the guests of the Festival.


Director’s Night

The menu this evening includes the deep-fried funk, hip-hop slightly diluted with the sea air and sweet disco by Iana Altukhova aka DJ Funkyianky. She will also be joined by DJ Vnuk, the resident and curator of the OIFF music programme, Kurage Bazaar, Don't Take Fake, Z-Games festivals.


DJ Blush

A distinctive representative of Odesa DJ-scene, member of the VALBLUSH duo and All Star DJ's project, combines the high-quality funk/soul, disco and house music. This crazy mix by DJ Blush has set clubs and festivals in Europe and Asia on fire - and now it's time to turn Odesa on!


A short break to relax and get ready for the upcoming OIFF hot parties!


VLASNA band represents the new generation of Ukrainian rock music. Nominated to YUNA (the major Ukrainian music award), headliners of numerous national rock charts, will present their new exclusive programme in Odesa for the first time. The evening will continue with a set DJ Vnuk, the resident and curator of the OIFF music programme, Kurage Bazaar, Don't Take Fake, Z-Games festivals. During his set, one of the actors of the movie "Volcano" will perform a shocking act with a drill that can only be performed by three people in the world.


Anita Avakian

The timbre that reaches out to everyone and wins the hearts of the audience at the first note at every performance. Her concerts combine classic, jazz, modern and even hip-hop music. A true must-see!


Dao Park

The band with a distinguished sound that melts funk, neo-soul and hip-hop. With famous jazz musicians joining the band!


The Penelopes (UK)

The first ever gig for the British art-pop duo! The Penelopes are the official Cannes DJs for several years already. The band has prepared an exclusive DJ set for Ukrainian audience. Do not miss this unique event!