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MainFilms 2012Gambrinus


It is the start of the twentieth century. Every inhabitant of the southern sea-side town knows the Gambrinus pub. There, you can always get a pint of cold beer, catch up with friends, share a sharp quip with the owner – Madame Ivanova, and of course, hear the unforgettable musical styling of Sashka the fiddler.

06 June 2012, 12:14

MainFilms 2012

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MainFilms 2012Earth


The village has stood there for some centuries, nestled at the foot of a mountain, by the peaceful creek. Its people worked, bore children, loved, ploughed, sowed, harvested, sang, laughed, wept and died. But if anything ever happened, it was always so big you would never see it in a dream of anywhere else in the world. What was it? What was its cause? People would talk about it. Eye-witnesses would retell it. Yarns would be spun about it. No one would ever make head or tail of it. No one would ever be sure it really happened or Arkhip Belokon saw it in a dream. But it was no dream. It really happened. A new state of affairs was wrought by the revolution just as surely as light comes from light. The October Socialist Revolution gave impetus to collectivization in the countryside. Oleksandr Dovzhenko. “Earth” . 1930-52

08 June 2012, 17:03

MainFilms 2012As Luck Would Have It

As Luck Would Have It

Roberto, an unemployed PR man, is turned down by every agency where he applies for work. No one cares now that he created the Coca Cola slogan, “It’s the real thing.” All this changes when he has an accident that leaves him hanging by a thread between life and death. Roberto decides to exploit his PR experience to turn the situation into a media event. He hires an agent and simply orders him to sell exclusive coverage to the television networks so that his family is set up for the rest of their lives. Will Roberto be saved? Or will he forfeit his life for money?

11 June 2012, 08:29

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MainFilms 2012Ivin A.

Ivin A.

A private in the internal forces, Andrei Ivin serves as a guard in a maximum security zone. He is not at all cut out for military service – a typical humanitarian, who left behind an unfinished degree in historic architecture. One summer day, as he keeps watch from the tower, a recidivist Mishka Knyaz attempts an escape. Private Ivin fails to shoot him, and as a result must himself face a tribunal. In an explanatory letter he writes that he “further refuses to dispose of the lives of others.”

06 June 2012, 12:14

MainFilms 2012The Maiden Danced to Death

The Maiden Danced to Death

Life is a dance - but you don’t get to choose the music. Steve, a dancer-turned-impresario, returns from Canada to his native Hungary after 20 years. He finds that the Communist regime that expelled him is gone, but his brother, Gyula, hasn’t changed. He still works with the same cash-strapped dance company they started together and is married to Steve’s former sweetheart, Mari. The two men’s rivalry is triggered instantly, but Mari challenges them to revive their last success together, a folk-dance on the ballad, entitled "The Maiden Danced to Death". If Gyula can make Steve’s exacting standards, Steve will promote a world tour, breathing new life into the sagging careers of both brothers.

11 June 2012, 11:55

MainFilms 2012

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MainFilms 2012First Floor

First Floor

A young hairdresser is a modern-day Carmen. Her story of love and death untangles in an environment occupied by the lowliest members of society – in communal apartments and dirty courtyards. At the root of the film is a seemingly melodramatic plot. A boy from a “good family” falls in love with a girl “from the streets” in whom love and freedom weave into a tangled ball of passion, tempestuous impulses, hatred, and tenderness.

06 June 2012, 12:13