Director: Yegor Troyanovsky
Producer: Olha Beskhmelnitsyna

Nikolai - father of a volunteer soldier Alexei Kudryavtsev. In July 2014 his son was captured by pro-Russian terrorist Igor “Demon” Bezler. For two years father is trying to find his son - dead or alive. But the main goal is revenge for “Demon”.

Hero of my time

Director: Antonina Nayabreva
Producers: Anna Palenchuk, Nikolay Konopelko

This story is about "the little man", our contemporary, guy from the next door, living in a difficult, contradictory modern world and trying to find the meaning of their existence in a society of the big city. Events that are set in the film are presented in the genre of an ironic comedy. The action is divided into three short stories, where the offered circumstances are changing, but the only protagonist stays the same. Zhorik is the protagonist, a young man, who is 26 years old. Funny and touching in his clumsiness. A bit rude and ill-mannered, like all guys from the suburbs. But his simplicity and being good-natured completely charms the viewer. 


Director: Roman Bondarchuk
Producers: Olena Yershova, Dar’ya Averchenko, Tanja Georgieva

After several strange coincidences, Lukas, translator, who works for OSCE, strands in the southern Ukrainian town of Beryslaw. As involuntary guest of his strange host Vova, Lukas is confronted with a totally new universe, in which life seems to be completely detached from any kind of structure. Despite his initial animosity, Lukas gets more and more fascinated by Vova as well as by his daughter Marushka - and finally starts his own quest for a long ago lost happiness.


Lithuania, Ukraine, France
Director:  Mantas Kvedaravicius
Producers: Uljana Kim, Vitaliy Sheremetiev,  Natalia Libet, Nadia Turincev

“I weep,” she says, “not with remorse, but for the fear I shall not be able to satisfy my passion.” The day it snowed in Istanbul, Garip killed Ibrahim. It was Ibrahim and Sofia, who were madly in love once. That was in Odessa, but it all began when Saharan sand covered the city of Athens. Whose memory was it? Or will be? 

Taras. Return

Ukraine, Kazakhstan
Director: Oleksandr Denysenko
Producer: Volodymyr Filippov

The film tells about the last 3 months of exile of Taras Shevchenko in Kazakhstan. That summer the poet, exiled for military service in the tsarist Russian army, receives a message from friends in St. Petersburg: he is personally pardoned by Tsar Alexander II. However, the military leadership of Novopetrovsk Fort is in no hurry to tell Taras about this and to issue a decree of dismissal. Moreover, a secret agent from Petersburg tries to do everything so that the poet remains forever.


Director: Iryna Stetsenko
Producer: Denys Vorontsov

7 actresses of the famous Kyiv theater, together known as Freak cabaret Dakh Daughters Band, have been the object of observation and filming for four years against the background of the Revolution of Dignity and undeclared war in Ukraine. They give birth to new forms in their art as well as literally become mothers "without leaving the stage."

Enticing, Sugary, Boundless or Songs and Dances about Death

Directors: Tetiana Khodakivska,  Olexandr Stekolenko
Producer: Maxim Asadchiy

Tania Khodakivska film creates links between the certainty of death and the simplicity of life. An old man is whistling and driving his car. ENTICING. A mother is worried about her daughter; wolves might eat her on the way to school. SUGARY. Two nearby villages are brutally fighting for a leather ball; to bring it to the cemetery. BOUNDLESS. A journey that starts as an external observation of relations with death turns into a personal experience, when the Director of Photography of this film dies before the end of the shooting. OR SONGS AND DANCES ABOUT DEATH.

When The Trees Fall

Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia
Director: Marysia Nikitiuk
Producers: Igor Savychenko, Volodymyr Filippov, Darko Baseski, Dariusz Jablonski, Violetta Kaminska, Izabela Wojcek

In a godforsaken village in Ukraine a rebellious little girl learns about life watching her teenage cousin’s romance with a young criminal. But when he flees after a murder, her cousin is forced to marry someone else, and this little heroine has to understand just how important it is to fight for your dreams.

Home Games

Ukraine, France
Director: Alisa Kovalenko
Producers: Stéphane Siohan,  Maxym Vasyanovych 

A season in the life of Alina, a 20-years-old « Million Dollar Baby » from Kiev, whose passion for football has a chance of saving her from poverty. Alina is now a professional player, on the road to a successful career, but her mother suddenly dies, leaving behind a dysfunctional family of seven, which lives in a crampt one-room apartment. Will Alina find the strength to return to the football pitch? « Home Games », or how to win the match of your life when the odds are stacked against you.


Ukraine, USA
Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy
Producer: Igor Savychenko

Inside the Chornobyl exclusion zone Grandma Prisa, the family matriarch, consorts with water nymphs, eats a diet filled with hallucinogenic mushrooms, and claims to have personally stabbed 12 SS soldiers to death during World War II. She lives together with her divorced and chronically ill daughter Slava and grandson Vova. Unexpectedly, their measured life comes to an end – Grandma Prisa receives a mystical warning about an impending catastrophe.



Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy
Producer: Igor Savychenko

EGREGOR is a mystery thriller set against the background of recent events in Ukraine. The story centers around Victor Grabowski, a former pilot, who has to cross Europe to save his son, kidnapped by an ancient secret society intent on sacrificing him in an occult ritual to achieve world domination.