A fierce female public attorney with the Hag tribunal, Hazida Van der Broeck, succeeds in bringing a war criminal to a trial in the country where the crimes occurred; Bosnia, Sarajevo. Andrija Arčanin, Croatian general on trial, mysteriously disappears on his way to the trial.
Hazida now has to face the brutal judgement of the public and her male colleagues who think she is trying and failing to do a man’s job, as well as aged but still brutal patriarchal father who never considered a daughter is worth having. When Hazida discovers that other convicted generals also disappeared, she sets on a life and death driven search.

The general wakes up in a desolate village on the threatening Accursed Mountains without any memory how he got there. At first sight the village is idyllic but soon he discovers a brutally structured society ruled by women, who treat their males as slaves. The community is led by an androgenic Mikaš whose personal tragedy (she was forced to grow up as man) makes her prone to personal revenge, much like Hazida. She holds herself responsible to a higher force, the Accursed Mountain, a place governed by the magical forces rooted in Balkan folklore.
 The series “Accursed Mountains” explores the question of the historical gender struggle; all the pain it brought, with a fragrance of Balkans. “Can the victims find justice without a violent redemption?”



writer Wiktor Piatkowski, Joanna Niczyj, Ivan Pavlović

  THOMAS (31), a long-missing missionary, is found by French soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa after 6 years, 6 months and 6 days. He has no recollection of what happened to him, but he discovers African tattoes all over his body. In his hometown he is hailed as a hero. His return is greatly anticipated by MASHA (17), a folk healer who has just discovered her new powers and keeps them secret from the community. After Father Thomas comes back to the town, strange events related to various holy places start occuring. No one links their presence to Thomas, widely regarded as “a martyr for his faith”. The BISHOP (62) hopes that Thomas will rebuild the power of the Catholic Church in the area. He promotes him to parish priest and invests the official power to perform exorcisms. Only Masha notices that her former friend might be “possesed” by an evil force, which is the real source of the supposed “miracles”. The mayor of the town, HAWRYLUK (45), is focused on his illegal business activities and ignores all the disturbing signs. ANNA (32) and SZAMIL (36), a couple of police investigators from Poland and Ukraine, discover that Father Thomas is the one who connects all the cases. Everything leads to Kupala Night, a Slavic pagan solstice holiday, as the time of evil climax. Father Thomas concludes that the best way to disempower the demon that is after him is to undergo exorcisms himself. He asks Masha for help. Will they survive the confrontation with evil forces?

New Gypsies


writer Markova Teodora, Ivanov Georgi, Tinchev Vladislav

  The New Gypsies is a story about two sisters who have chosen to live an alternative life into the wild, not obeying society’s norms and prejudices. Tea (25) is irrational and impulsive, like a modern witch, who terrifies and enchants people at the same time. Kiara (30) is reasonable and loving, trying to raise her children in harmony and peace. Tea returns after years of wandering and bringstroubles to the commune, because of her secret and heraffair with the rich son of the city mayor (Philip, 26). The mayor, the police and the citizens start a campaign trying to banish the new gypsies from the forest. The conflict raises the questions about the false concept of success in the consumer society and the attempts tofind another form of living. The victim of this conflict becomes Philip who has escaped his ambitious family, searching for his freedom.



writer Alexey Mamedov, Sergey Korotun

  Brighton Beach, a district for soviet emigrants in New York, is drowned in blood. Russian mafia has stepped out from the shadow. The new guard, young and hungry, replaces the old one, living by strict rules. It doesn’t have any principles, compassion and fear. Using the demise of the USSR they are launching a great criminal campaign ships with Russian weapons arrive at New York.

Detective Mark Groman is the only one who tries to confront them. He originates from a Russian emigrant family. He knows these streets and these people. His elder brother Aaron heads the criminal organization. But the problem is not only in picking a side – there’s a woman who stands between them. 

Fata Morgana

Hungary /US,

Zsofia Ruttkay, Gabor Papp, Tamas Bezsenyi

  The men of Cursewick, traumatized and drinking heavily,
have returned from the battlefields to reassume their
rule of the village and their wives. The serial killer
and outlaw known as the Piperman, however, offers a new
response to the age-old oppression.
Mysterious hangings become more numerous around
Cursewick, they say that if your suffering at the hands
of an abusive husband becomes unbearable, the Piperman
will come to your help for a modest fee…
But what moves the Piperman? Does the outlaw have more in
common with the women of Cursewick than they thought?
Trauma, patriarchal structures, independence, and the
power of tradition are dissected in this XIXth century
period piece TV show, in the form of hour-long episodes
in single master takes.