Ukraine, Austria / 2017 / 92 min

A cigarette held in bloody fingers. A woman squirming in a bed, screaming. A man is waiting. A love story. A boat on Lake Neusiedl, a hospital in Ukraine. A burning field. Another love story. Sickness and the big vanishing into oblivion. Somewhere, death is awaiting. Somewhere else life.


Film Venue Date Time  

16.07 10:00 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

16.07 19:00 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

Director: Juri Rechinsky

Born in Turkmenistan. Raised in Kyiv. Lives and works in Vienna. After studying Film, Juri worked as an editor. He started directing in 2008, creating several short films, art projects and the feature-length documentary Sickfuckpeople. Ugly is his first feature film.

Selected filmography: Sickfuckpeople (2013), Ugly (2017)

Cast: Angela Gregovic, Dmitriy Bogdan, Maria Hofstatter, Raimund Wallisch, Larisa Rusnak, Vlad Troitskiy, Valeriy Bassel

Producers: Franz Novotny, Maxim Asadchiy, Ulrich Seidl, Klaus Pridnig, Alexander Glehr
Writers: Juri Rechinsky, Klaus Pridnig DOPs: Wolfgang Thaler, Sebastian Thaler