The War of Chimeras

Ukraine / 2017 / 94 min

The story of war, love and death that was filmed by the immediate participants of events. Off screen and later on it are the two – a boy and a girl. He volunteered for the front; she went to the place just after the battle. He got into Ilovaysk cauldron, lost his closest brother-soldiers. She, while travelling along the ruined towns, strives to understand the essence of war and love. Both tell openly one another about their feelings during the war, escaping the cauldron, a try to live together after, and a joint trip to the frontline.


Film Venue Date Time  

Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall 18.07 18:30 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

Directors: Anastasiia Staroshytskа, Mariia Staroshytska

Anastasia Starozhytska, 28 years old, degree in journalism, debuted with the short drama Deadlіne (2012), scriptwriter and co-writer of a number of scripts for the Script Workshop.
Maria Starozhytska, 49 years old, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, poet, writer and playwright, author of MashKino (2012) and What For (2015).

Selected filmography: The War of Chimeras (2017)

Producers: Anastasiia Staroshytskа, Mariia Staroshytska
Writers: Anastasiia Staroshytskа, Mariia Staroshytska DOPs: Anastasiia Staroshytskа, Valerii Lavrenov, Yurii Bedenko