The Strayed

Ukraine / 2017 / 97 min

One morning, when you decide to forget about everything you've been thinking about yourself, fate instantly organises you a meeting with the one that you really need. But it will also destroy almost everything that you have. Because it's your destiny. She cares about you. Even if you are a little man and live in a place forgotten by God and people. The first Ukrainian feature film, where almost all the characters speak mixed Russian-Ukrainian dialect (surzhyk).

Director: Arkadii Nepytaliuk

Born in Lekhnivka, Yarmolynets District, Khmelnitsky Region. From

Cast: Dmytro Khomyak, Olena Uzliuk, Nina Naboka, Yulia Vrublevska

Producers: Yuriy Minzyanov, Vlad Ryashin
Writers: Arkadii Nepytaliuk, Roman Horbyk DOP: Oleksandr Roschin