School # 3

Ukraine / 2016 / 116 min

This documentary is about 13 pupils of school #3 in Mykolaivka town, Donetsk region. Mykolaivka suffered from the war in summer 2014. Few shells targeted the school #3 and turned it into one of the town ruins. The story is about life, thoughts and doubts of 13 teenagers. The film structure is build upon 13 totally opened and honest monologues in parallel with real life. The captured period is kind of on the edge between war and peace, childhood and adulthood, love and hate. The film is about friendship, first love, fears and hopes for the future.


Film Venue Date Time  

Festival Center RODINA, Blue Hall 16.07 15:00 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

Directors: Georg Genoux, Lisa Smith

GEORG GENOUX, LISA SMITH Georg Genoux, born in 1976 in Hamburg, is a director and curator. He is one of the co-founders of Theatre.doc and the Joseph Beuys Theatre in Moscow. Since 2003 Georg has staged and produced more than 80 theatre projects in Eastern Europe, many of them with his company Democracy.doc.
Lisa Smith was born in Odessa in 1990. She graduated from the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary University of Theatre, Film and TV in 2014 as a film director. During her studies she made short films that participated in different Ukrainian film festivals. For a while she was working as a TV director. During the Revolution of Dignity Lisa started got engaged in documentaries.

Selected filmography
School #3 (2016)

Producers: Georg Genoux, Lisa Smith, Daniel Schulz, Marco Zschieck
DOP: Khrystyna Lizogub