Ukraine / 2017 / 110 min

1971, Odessa Film Studio. The KGB studio curator orders a re-edit of just finished movie about the events of Ukraine's 1920s 'civil war' of a young director in line with the Party's view on the historical events. This re-editing work is entrusted to a young female editor, which consequently realizes she must protect the director's vision and the safe-guard the truth about her country under Soviet occupation.


Film Venue Date Time  

Festival Center RODINA, Red Hall 21.07 17:00 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

Director: Mark Hammond

MARK HAMMOND Across Asia, America and Europe, Mark Hammond has worked as an international director, producer and writer of features, documentaries and theater for the past 30 years. His broad range of work crosses borders and genres, from investigative documentaries on the trafficking of counterfeit medicines to tango theatre to political thrillers and art-house features.

Selected filmography
Johnny Was (2006), Birthday Girl (2012), Pharmacide (2013)