Ukraine / 2017 / 5 min

Somnambulistic circus Ribera & Velazquez welcomes everyone to the show Merry-Go-Round, where shadows that escaped the Plato's cave, turn the carousel in the foggy catacombs.


Film Venue Date Time  

19.07 14:00 КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ

Director: Ihor Podolchak

Born 1962 in Lviv, Ukraine. Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts, 1984. Ihor Porodchak is a filmmaker, artist, creator of extensive projects in the field of visual art, participant of numerous international art exhibitions. The artwork of Ihor Podolchak is housed in 26 museums and public collections worldwide.

Cast: R. Pashkova, L.V., Y. Buynyak, I. Nazarenko, V. Ostapenko, O. Pankratyeva

Producers: Ihor Dyurych, Sergiy Nedzelskyy, Maxim Asadchiy
Writer: Ihor Podolchak DOP: Serhiy Mykhalchuk