Master Class of Peter Greenaway: Cinema is dead, long live cinema
Peter Greenaway is an artist, writer, philosopher, screenwriter and director, who used to be the main figure of English cinema of recent decades. Greenaway was called "the maestro of cinematic painting" for his ability to masterly combine music, painting, choreography, sets and acting in one organic vision.  Peter Greenaway has received numerous awards at prestigious festivals, including the prize "Best Artistic Contribution" in Cannes (Drowning by numbers, 1988)
Alexander Kuznetsov: How to tell a story? Techniques and components
Alexander Kuznetsov is an actor and a teacher of acting. He has founded his own acting school in Hollywood and Russia. Alexander has also created a new method, which combines Stanislavskyy’s system and approaches of the best contemporary American teachers.
Geraldine Chaplin: Q&A
Geraldine Chaplin is an actress, and daughter of Charlie Chaplin. Geraldine made her debut at age the age of eight, when playing in Chaplin’s movie Limelight. Tonya in David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Catherine in Pedro Almodovar’s "Talk to Her" (2003) are among the most famous Geraldine Chaplin’s roles.
Master class of Heino Deckert
Master class of Heino Deckert: Producing of successful documentaries and staged movie in co-production with Eastern European filmmakers. // Heino Deckert is a producer and distributor. Mr. Deckert produced more than 50 movies, among them – My joy and In the fog by Sergiy Loznytsya, and also documentaries: The 3 Rooms of Melancholia by Pirjo Honkasalo which won two prices in Venice 2004, DUST by Hartmut Bitomsky that had its international premiere in 2007 at the International Film Festival in Venice, Rabbit à la Berlin by Bartek Konopka and Piotr Rosolowski which was nominated for an OSCAR for Best Short Documentary in 2010. His latest production, ¡Vivan las Antipodas! by Victor Kossakowsky, premiered at Venice Film Festival 2011.
WORK-IN-PROGRESS. Presentation of Ukrainian or Ukrainian co-produced films that are in production or in post-production. Participants of Works-in-Progress: "Eastalgia" (director Darya Onyshchenko, producers Anna Palenchuk, Maria Govorukha), "Brothers. The Final Confession" (director Victoria Trofimenko, producers Igor Savychenko, Maksym Osadchuy), "Paradjanov" (co-directors Serge Avedikian and Olena Fetisova, producer Olena Fetisova), "Auditions. Fellow students" (director Kira Muratova, producer Oleg Kokhan), "The Pawnshop" (director Lyubomyr Levytskuy, producer Andriy Savenko), "Sense of sex" (directors Maryna Gorbach, Mekhmet Bahadir Er, producer Olena Yershova), "Life Span of the Object in Frame" (director Oleksandr Balagura, Svitlana Zinovyeva).