First Floor
A young hairdresser is a modern-day Carmen. Her story of love and death untangles in an environment occupied by the lowliest members of society – in communal apartments and dirty courtyards. At the root of the film is a seemingly melodramatic plot. A boy from a “good family” falls in love with a girl “from the streets” in whom love and freedom weave into a tangled ball of passion, tempestuous impulses, hatred, and tenderness.
Le grand soir
Two brothers who are complete opposites: one is a salesman in a chain store, while the other fancies himself the oldest punk-with-a-dog in Europe... But the twists of modern life will reunite them, putting them both on the street. Now confederates of the Punk Attitude, the two men put everything on the line to spark off a new revolution.
City Lights
Sometimes it comes through with a great deal of magic. I’ve had that once or twice. I had a close-up – the last scene of City Lights. The blind girl has recovered her sight, thanks to a benefactor she always imagined was a handsome young man. And now she touches again the hands of this little tramp – and seeing through her fingers, as it were, it comes down on her. “My God, this is the man.” I had had several takes and they were all overdone, overacted, over-felt. This time I was looking more at her, interested to see that she didn’t make any mistakes. It was a beautiful sensation of not acting, of standing outside of myself. The key was exactly right – slightly embarrassed, delighted about meeting her again – apologetic without getting emotional about it. He was watching and wondering what she was thinking and wondering without any effort. It’s one of the purest inserts – I call them inserts, close ups – that I’ve ever done. One of the purest. Charles Chaplin, extract from an interview for "Life", 1967
The Pit
A provincial town. Three months in the life of a brothel. All manner of clients come through the brothel doors – petty thieves and murderers, professors and schoolboys. Likhonin, a lawyer, wants to rescue one of the girls.