We are sure that genuine food means sincere and honest business. Fate decreed that professional restaurateurs have much more tension around the issue of constant reduction of the net cost of meals than we do.
Having an alternative business, we thought we could afford to withdraw from questionable restaurant tricks and try to play by different rules.
On return after a trip from Italy to Ukraine, we have rarely been satisfied with local restaurants for the following reasons:
We do not like to pay in restaurants for wine that is several times cheaper in the nearest store. That is why the level of extra charges on wine at Fratelli looks good to the eye and wallet. We also believe that  to bring a bottle of your favorite wine (of course, if it is not in the wine collection of Fratelli) and to drink it  in like-minded company, paying a modest  «corkfree» (fee for opening) is no problem!
We are working on the task to raise the gastronomic bar of Odessa, developing a restaurant dedicated to nothing more than food. The most important thing we have is on the plate!
About food:
We are fully convinced that to subtly feel the taste, aroma and texture of a good product is possible only for those who have taken in the basis of their national cuisine from a childhood. Therefore, we have chef, who lived in Italy 6 years. Yes, a real Italian food – only in Italy. But we do our best to «register»it in Odessa.
We are creating a project for ourselves and like-minded people, the location where we personally eat and spend time. There is no savings on the products and compromise on quality – the better is bought. If the purchased product is unclaimed, it is decisively discarded BEFORE the expiration date. Our pro-ject is certainly not a charity, but ecological cleanliness and a good name for us is much more important than the payback period.
We just take the high-quality products and try to reveal their natural taste. Meet – a restaurant project of a new type. We believe – this approach will be appreciated.
Bon Appetite!