Polish Іnstitute

Polish Institutes are centers subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose main task is to promulgate throughout the world Polish culture and knowledge of Polish history and national heritage, and also to promote cooperation in culture, education, science and social life.

In many places, Polish Institutes fulfil the role of the cultural and scientific affairs departments of Polish Embassies. The main tasks of the institutions is to introduce Polish culture to the most important centers in the countries in which they operate as well as to ensure a significant Polish presence in international events and to establish long term contacts between Polish and foreign partners who are active in international cultural exchange. The most beneficial form of organizing events is a joint venture with a local, well-renowned cultural institution, which on one hand lowers the cost of the presentation for the Polish side and on the other hand guarantees delivery to the local audience.

The mission of cultural diplomacy is to effectively influence the local artistic and opinion-forming scene. Building good, close contacts with the media is a priority for Polish Institutes. Polish Institutes aim to build a group of future allies in order to popularise Polish culture; employees and students of Polish studies, Slavonic studies and Central European. They also work on behalf of Polish academic staff in the educational process of the given country.