Vintage is the best web production in Ukraine. 11 years on the market. The team of 60 fanatics of web and marketing. Over 300 successful projects in the portfolio: from those of the big scale, like the websites for Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and International Fencing Federation (FIE), to niche ones, including the Capri and Sergey Makhno Architects websites.

We combine strategic web marketing with creativity. We extract insights and wishes of consumers. Create a unique value proposition. Set the highest bar in the industry by bringing every element to a perfection. Sets standards on the web development market by creating benchmark products in their niches.

The Vintage projects get awards and prizes in both Ukrainian and international rankings:

Awwwards (SOTD *4, Honorable Mention *9)
CssDesignAwards (SOTD *5, Special Kudos *5)
ADC UA (Gold, Bronze, Shortlist)
Kakadu (Silver, Bronze)
White Square (Silver *2, Bronze)
Effie (Shortlist *2)
Muse (Platinum)
Ukrainian Design: the Very Best Of (the Very Best Of *3, Best Of *12)
Golden Hammer (Silver)
KIAF (Bronze *3)
International Design Awards (Bronze)
AdBlackSea (Bronze)
Golden Site (Gold, Silver)
EuropeanDesignAwards (Silver)

If you are a brave one, ready to create the best product and leave competitors somewhere behind, Vintage is exactly for you!

Among those who have already experienced Vintage-efficiency on themselves: Radioaktive film, Aiia, Sergey Makhno Architects, MERX, OKKO, Oh My Look !, New Channel, METRO, Sony Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson, TM "Vinodel", Tetra Pak, TM "Flagman" , FIAT, TRAMONTINA, Luminarc, PYREX, BERLIN-CHEMIE and many others.