UDP is the market leader of the development in Ukraine. Over 11 years company manages real estate projects, providing them with a comprehensive development cycle. During that time, the company initiated and implemented the most successful projects. Moreover, the quality of UDP`s accommodation  almost always put into exploitaition before the term.

Successful experience allowed UDP to create an effective structure of project management, to ensure quality work and precise deadlines. The adoption of advanced technologies allows you to create reference project (architectural and technical). Today UDP has open perspectives for the implementation of projects even of greater ambition and complexity.  

UDP is an unquestionable leader at Ukrainian real estate market. Since the company was founded, its team created an effective structure of project management that ensured integrity and reliability of its decisions. All the projects of the company are unique and inimitable. Its projects stand out from the existing ones in Kiev. UDP's projects include but not limited to the surrounded by greenery "Parkovу Misto" residential estate, "Novopecherskie Lipki" residential area for business elite, "RiverStone" multifunctional residential estate at the Dnieper bank. "Maristella" residence which is situated on the shore of the Black Sea is well known in Odessa. Despite the visual differences all the UDP projects have certain standarts:

• the highest international level of the projects guarantees the highest level of living standards to the customers

• timeliness of projects delivery guarantees compliance with liabilities to customers and partners

• modern technologies assures customers in the safety of their families

• complex organization of residences ameliorates living conditions and makes it more comfortable

The best housing – the best life!