Nikitina Magic Shock is a unique creative and art studio, one of a kind in Ukraine, where artists create made-to- order portrait dolls.
The studio exists and has been creating art objects for more than 7 years. During this time, it has transformed from a group of artists working with portrait dolls only into a unique space, incorporating a gallery of exclusive gifts and modern art projects represented all over the globe.

From the very first year, the dolls by Nikitina Magic Shock have been a jewel in interiors of many well-known people in Europe and former CIS countries, in Israel and the USA. For the time being, Nikitina Magic Shock studio is working in the following directions:

- Creation of sculpture collectible dolls with life-like portrayal;

- Production of interior 3D installations with a specific subject;

- Production of collectible designer lamps.
tel.: +38 (093) 990 30 70