St. Catherine’s Clinic

St. Catherine’s Clinic (founded in 2003) – is the first medical institution at the south of Ukraine with a unique model of early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarction.
Today the Clinic is a diversified medical institution with the provision of preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitation services for the whole family.
St. Catherine’s Clinic provides next directions:
  • Cardio clinic;
  • Pain clinic;
  • X-Ray surgery unit;
  • Vascular surgery clinic;
  • Multifield Policlinic № 1;
  • 24/7 Family Doctor service;
  • Emergency ambulance service.
St. Catherine’s Clinic is a world’s medicine standard!
St. Catherine’s Clinic
Info center: +38(048) 728-7000
Emergency ambulance call: +38 (048)728-0000